Shopclues, A Haven for Pirated Games & Softwares?


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While small cases of piracy and illegal copying do not get reported to consumer courts, these scenarios can be easily challenged in the court if a case is made by a user tricked by the sellers.

In a completely shocking post by a Reddit user, a seller, going by the name of Samson modify zone, on Shopclues is openly selling copied and pirated versions of popular softwares like Windows 7, GTA V, AVG Internet security pack, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and more.

Majority of these copied discs are being sold at nearly 5%-10% of the price of the original product. The products being sold range across computers, mobile and laptops accessories, automotive components and computer games.

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The seller has a meager positive rating of 53%, which goes to show the quality of products being sold. We all know pirated versions do not always work as well as original products, in fact after a 30-day trial period they hesitate to move forward without a product key, which naturally will not be available to the buyer.

How can Shopclues ignore such a big deal?

Honestly, it does not surprise me to see Shopclues selling substandard quality products, because I personally have not had good experience with the website, and some of the reviews on other forums support my stand. However, everyone has had different experiences, so I can give benefit of doubt to the online marketplace.

However, a seller is openly claiming of selling copy versions of original disk on the website and the bots are not able to identify this? This is horrendous.

The seller has also given out the phone number for after sales service along with an email id to contact in case of any questions. A quick scanning through the reviews of the seller pointed out the fact that the number is always switched off and the seller cannot be contacted. The discs fail to work after a month and Shopclues is not being cooperative in giving a refund.

Such irresponsible behaviour is not expected from a company founded in Silicon Valley. We understand Shopclues’ revenue comes from selling budget items, but this is too far-fetched for our imagination.

It looks like the Brand of Trust page is not updated, maybe? Time for Shopclues to buckle up its shoes and treat the customers well. No wonder it incurred a huge loss in FY14-15. Next time you buy from Shopclues, ensure you’re buying a genuine product, always go through product details and compare prices from other online portals to get a fair idea.

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  1. Abhishek Kumar says

    I used to shop from Shopclues but soon realized its such a waste of money. All i got was such cheap junk that i felt too lazy to return. And i am not talking about electronics, its across all categories. I just wonder if someone starts their ecom experience with shopclues, they would never ever again buy from any other ecom site coz of their experience and product.

    It takes ages to build trust in a system which flipkart and amazon has done. and takes a blacksheep like shopclues to scar it.

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