Zomato Launches Zomato Base, a Cloud-Based POS for Restaurants


Zomato Base

Zomato is India’s largest restaurant search e-commerce which not only allows you to search for restaurants around but also offers delivery and reservation services.

Although it took a lot of time, but Zomato turned profitable this year and has been on an expansion-spree ever since. There were talks to launching a cloud-based point of sale system for restaurants, and specifically for this, Zomato acquired MaplePOS last year.

With the integration of two business, Zomato has finally launched the service, dubbed Zomato Base, for restaurant businesses in India. It is an Android based POS platform that does a lot more than what the name communicates.

Zomato Base will basically change the way restaurant businesses in India are run. Right from managing the menu, including dishes and prices, and product inventory to real-time analytics, everything will be handled by the service.

Restaurant owners will be able to see what dish is being sold the most, what is not liked by the customers, how much the average bill adds up to as a part of CRM feature in the platform. There are also provisions for generating electronic receipts and support for offline transactions available at the restaurant through the service. Support for both debit and credit cards will be built into the platform.

How does Zomato plan to implement it across all restaurants?

Going by the feature Zomato base will be offering, it is quite clear managing a restaurant will become a lot easier, and customers will not complain of small issues like out of stock products and cash-only payment modes.

The Beer Cafe, a beer chain in India, has already partnered with Zomato for the service and has been running as pilot in its outlet in Gurgaon. All 35 outlets across India will have Base in place and be assured of a seamless experience.

Rahul Singh, Founder and CEO – The Beer Cafe, talked about the service, “By seamlessly integrating operational solutions such as menu management and remote inventory management into a single system, Zomato Base will make our day-to-day functioning incredibly efficient. This platform is built to provide real time outlet-level analytics which would allow us to plan our supply chain better and provide benefits to our guests through effective promotion and profiling. The best part is, all of this can be done remotely and in real time, which is a huge convenience for a business owner on the move.”

Zomato plans to associate over 1000 restaurants with Base by the end of this year, which will be a huge win for it. Restaurant owners will definitely like the fact that everything can be done on just one system, irrespective of location, and can be monitored for further enhancements.

We all know that Zomato has restaurant reviews which become difficult to follow after a period of time. This system will give them insights into customer’s experience and also allow them to maintain a balance between inventory and profitability.

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