Tagmmer is a Unique Cloud Storage & Bookmarking Platform Which Combines Features Of Dropbox & Pinterest


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Connoisseurs of good, creative content often face this strange problem of choosing the most optimal platform for storing their online discoveries. On one hand lies Dropbox, wherein you can upload tons of videos, images and files, but the visual appeal is absent; which makes the whole process of cloud based storage looks boring and retrieval of that special information a time taking process.

On the other hand is visually appealing Pinterest; but it has no provision of storing large files/videos.

What if features of both of these services are combined into one? What if we can store files and weblinks at the same location, the one which provides the features of Dropbox with the visual appeal of Pinterest?

Tagmmer is that innovative cloud based storage and bookmarking platform, which actually solves both of these problems with one single stroke. With Tagmmer, storage of videos, bookmarking of weblinks, images,  pdfs, ebooks and every type of media file becomes much easier, and entertaining.

The DNA of Tagmmer is to bring together Web Bookmarking and Cloud Storage in one single visually appealing platform.

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Artists, designers and photo lovers would find the boards convenient to use, just like Pinterest. And the data uploading aspect of Dropbox would be enhanced on this portal.

With free 30 GB of storage available for all users, cloud storage has indeed taken a big leap with Tagmmer.

3 Unique Features of Tagmmer

a) The files uploaded can be visualized in 4 different ways: 1) Dynamic (Pinterest style) 2) Thumbnails (Youtube style) 3) List (Dropbox style) 4) Picture format (Instagram style)

b) The files (videos, images, ebooks etc) can shared socially as well. In case you wish to keep it private, provision for the same exists

c) Tagmmer supports a vibrant community which is categorized under 36 different niches for enticing users from all circles

One bonus feature of Tagmmer is the ability to collaborate with different team members, who are working in the same project. Hence, member 1 can easily upload a file, which can be accessed and then modified by member 2 and then edited by member 3; all seamlessly and simultaneously.

Considering the fact this platform also provides analytics data of all the files viewed/accessed over a period of time, it makes it a formidable competitor to several existing (and traditional) services like Pinterest, Dropbox and more.

Tagmmer has been founded by Arnaud Ravel, Patricia Oria, Ludovic Hindryckx, and is headquartered in France.

Here is an example of a ‘Tagmmer board’ named ‘Great Speeches by Top Entrepreneurs’, which showcases some inspirational videos of Entrepreneurs.

Give Tagmmer a try and let us know what you feel.

[Disclaimer: This article has been published in partnership with Tagmmer]

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  1. Amit Bhide says

    Really.. they thought such services will work without a mobile app?
    Moreover their website is not even mobile friendly..

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