IRCTC & Chaayos Partner to Bring 25 Varieties of Chai & Snacks Straight to Your Train Seat



Chaayos has been marketing itself very aggressively these days with more and more outlets opening in major cities across India. Chaayos is a cafe chain that specializes in tea, but sells other food items like sandwiches, coffee and shakes.

Today, IRCTC has announced their tie-up with Chaayos to provide freshly made tea and snacks to customers at major train stations in India. Tea is an indispensable beverage in our lives and this partnership is a result of our love for tea, specially during journeys. The idea is to deliver pre-ordered tea and snacks at the seats of the customer directly.

The execution will first start for all trains from New Delhi railway station and will simultaneously be rolled out to other stations in Delhi and Mumbai.

Chaayos co-founder Raghav Verma talked about the partnership with IRCTC, “We have developed an innovative method to deliver tea: our disposable kettles consist of a heat retaining pouch and an outer cardboard packaging, to ensure that the tea delivered stays hot for an hour.” Be sure to be delivered your favourite cup of hot tea while enjoying the train journey.

How to order tea and snacks from the train?

Passengers of Indian Railways will have to order their desired tea or snacks two hours before the arrival of the train at New Delhi or Mumbai stations. You can log on to or call on toll-free number 1800-1034-139 to place and confirm the order. There is also a mobile app from IRCTC where orders can be placed comfortably.

More on Chaayos Network

According to Chaayos founder, Nitin Saluja, the tea-chain is not focusing on the agri-tech side, but on the marketing, distribution, logistics and branding side. Every outlet of Chaayos is linked to each other through their own set of softwares and databases. There has to be certain standardization across the country to provide the same experience to every customer. The technology comes the moment a customer checks out the menu to order.

The company is trying very hard to become a routine in the life of a tea-lover and similar customers. Chai is something that is consumed daily by us and Chaayos wants to make the experience enriching with their wide variety of tea variants like Kadak Chai, Adrak Tulsi Chai, Sulemani Chai and Irani Chai. The list is endless and you’ll be in awe of the cafe once you’ve tasted the tea. There are thousands of ways to customize these teas as well, so you won’t have to complain if even one ingredient was missing.

Chaayos is proud to have hired engineers in its company who try to improve the customer experience, from something as small as reducing the turnaround time for delivery of tea, reducing logistics costs to making sure suggestions are made appropriately. It is not just about tea, but about improving the whole experience from the moment you enter the cafe to the time you exit the cafe. This is what distinguishes it from the other road-side tea stalls, apart from the hygienic atmosphere.

What next for IRCTC?

E-catering is something very new for Indians and Ministry of Indian Railways is really pushing to create a world class system of trains in India. With Chaayos already launching their small services through IRCTC, it would be interesting to see which other food-chains join the bandwagon. We already see KFC, Domino’s Pizza and Wimpy offering some food items off their menu to the passengers.

We haven’t yet seen IRCTC’s own pantry listed on its website for e-catering and it baffles me that IRCTC is not promoting its own services to the passengers. Maybe the quality is not as good as these fast food chains, but this will give freedom to the passengers to order food of their choice, instead of being given the standard food options. In any case, it is a win-win situation for passengers who’re getting the best quality delivered to their seats.

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