‘Facebook at Work’ Finally Launching Soon


Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social networking website in the world. However, most organisations have banned facebook at work places, primarily due to loss of both quality and quantity of work due to the time spent by employees on Facebook. But, one can’t divert from the fact that our smartphones are smarter than our employers and we find one or the other ways to use it.

Facebook has been conducting trials and tests since last year, pointing at a release of ‘Facebook at Work’. As simple as the name is, the website is exclusively for business professionals and enterprise usage and aims to bridge the gap between low productivity and fun at work. Most of us are using Microsoft Windows or OSX for the same at work, but how about having an app or a website just for sharing your thoughts and processes with your office buddies. Not a bad idea, eh? According to reports, we can see the launch of ‘Facebook at Work’ in the coming months itself.

What will Facebook at Work feature?

Just like your regular Facebook, it is expected to have news feed, photo gallery and sharing, groups, chat service etc. And what’s Facebook without likes and comments?

Facebook at work will feature both and developers at Facebook are trying to keep both the services at par with each other. It would be like having your professional life separate from personal life, isn’t that what we all want?

There could be file sharing in-built in the website and the app for employees to share their documents with ease, instead of boring long emails. The chat service is expected to replace other chat services with options to send files and share documents.

Facebook Groups can play a major role in organizing various teams across the companies and integrating them. Facebook is expected to offer analytical solutions support to its clients to improve the functioning of the companies.

LinkedIn is already one of the hottest social networking for professionals and has been in the business for very long. However, one can’t undermine the popularity of Facebook in our lives, which will be an advantage for Facebook getting into the business of the likes of LinkedIn and Monster.

Already more than 300 companies are using Facebook at Work, of which Heineken and Royal Bank of Scotland are the big names and other major companies joining it soon.

Would you want to have Facebook at Work at your workplace? If yes, then what’s the one feature you’re eagerly waiting for?

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