1. Premium Domains says

    Social networking build strong relations as the letters people and social groups ? Is this virtual platform worth to spend time updating and socializing?

  2. Nathan Driskell says

    I agree. As a therapist treating Internet Addiction, I have seen many addicted to social media. I have seen people go into withdrawals, including convulsions, without access to cell phones and other forms of technology. As a society, many are addicted, and soon I think it will be a majority of people. Just watch the fans at a sporting event, most will spend more time on social media than watching the game.

    Good article. Keep it up.

  3. BlogAdda says

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  4. Santokh Singh Saggu says

    Think Positive and aur Ghode bech ke chaddar od ke so jao !! When someone talks about the negative impact of the technology then people scream and shout at the top of their voice that no such thing happens . Its your personal experience !! Now why you guys write such stuff ? I don’t see any such mental or emotional impact everything fine. So don’t complain !! Go to sleep and let others sleep also !!

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