Google Launches Contributor- An Alternate Revenue Source For Web Publishers


Google Contributor

Google has just launched its new service called Contributor that can be used as a very effective alternative to Google AdSense by web publishers all across the globe. The ‘beta’ version of Contributor has been available for a while to a select few publishers, but it is in the recent past that it has become available to many more users/publishers across the globe.


Why We Display Ads On Our Website?

We, web Publishers rely mostly on the revenue generated from the visitors like you who visit our website and check some advertisements at various places on our website. The revenue we generate from these ads pays for everything that we need to keep this website up and running.

So, while some of you may like our ads and their placements (Yes, we experiment a lot!) many don’t want to see the ads as they interrupt their reading pleasure and we whole-heartedly agree with them. There are many websites which show pop-up ads or banners which will pop-out just when an article captures the reader’s interest. As a result, many internet surfers have developed a strong disliking for digital ads.

Our Mission And The Ads

As a publisher, our main aim is to provide you with relevant and interesting information that you can use to enhance your knowledge and implement in your daily lives. So when an ad comes right into your face (or even into your viewport) and spoils your interest, it also defeats our purpose. And that’s exactly why we are hoping that Google Contributor would be of great help to us publishers and visitors like you. So it’s going to be a win-win situation.

How Contributor Works?

Contributor lets you pay for the ads displayed on our website rather than some other third-party advertiser. You can pick your monthly contribution level via Contributor among three options available at the moment.

You can either subscribe to $2, or $5, or $10/month to Contributor and fund the websites you visit regularly.

So when you visit a website running Google AdSense (like, Contributor will check whether it is among your favourite websites and then bid for the ad slots on your behalf. And if your bid wins the slot then you won’t be shown any AdSense ads. As a rule of thumb, the more you pay, the less ads you see.

Contributor plans

How Contributor Can Bring About A Change In The Free Web?

You will see that many web publishers have taken the premium route to sharing the content with only their paid-subscribers. While this may help them earn their livelihood, we don’t fully support their strategy.

We have always believed in giving the web users an option to choose what they want to read. The Contributor is in line with this and lets you pay for all your favourite websites using a single account. Simple, isn’t it?

We strongly suggest that you subscribe to Contributor and help us reduce our dependence on Google Adsense. This in turn would also help you in extending your phone’s battery life.

  1. Piyal says

    If you want ad free experience install adblock plus. Who wants to pay google for this which is possible through free add ons. Event after paying $10, I have to see 50% of ads. Also adsense ads are not bad, these provide some information also.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      We discourage Adblock plus – As a publisher, we survive on advertisements, and if readers start using adblocks, we will have to shut down. Give a thought to publishers like us who spend so much effort in creating good content, but we cannot make any money if Ad Blocks are used..

  2. Malick says

    I doubt about Google Contributor going mainstream – particularly in India. May end up as another Google’s try!

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