Cortana for Windows 10 to be Available in India this Month


Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft reportedly is all prepped up to release the first ever update to Windows 10, dubbed as the Threshold 2, on November 10. With the update just around the corner, it is anticipated that Cortana will be available to Indian users as well by the end of this month, among the many other improvements. Earlier in July, Microsoft had hinted that Cortana will be coming to 7 countries soon including India.

The most exciting news for Windows 10 users in India is the possibility of using Cortana in English(India) language without having to go through all the workarounds earlier. Considering Cortana was available in select countries before, this comes as a very positive move from Microsoft in India where there are plenty of Windows users. Cortana is one of the best Artificial Intelligence assistant applications right now and it can perform a variety of tasks like sending Emails, responding to your queries, Bing searches, check weather etc.

Earlier scheduled to be released on November 2, the update has been delayed by nearly a week as communicated by a Microsoft Support Engineer. However, recent reports suggest that the fall update could be released on the 10th of this month. Termed as build 10586 for both mobile and desktop, it is expected to bring enhancements to the user interface and experience, Microsoft Edge and Cortana. Microsoft is also expected to launch a new Messaging app based on Skype.

The update will be tried and tested in Microsoft thoroughly before the release so as to give the users a refined end product. With all the bug fixes in pipeline, Microsoft will be making it a recommended update as compared to an optional update which means unless the users turn off automatic updates, the software patches will be downloaded automatically on their Windows systems. This sounds like an aggressive move from Microsoft to make sure the market share of Windows 10 increases all over the world.

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