Globally, Indians Trust Social Media The Most For Online Purchase Decisions


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It’s interesting to see how behaviour of online buyers’ differs from country to country – while majority of online shoppers in Japan rely on search engines to find products online, when it comes to Indian shoppers, majority of them rely on Social Media.

These are the findings of second annual Global Online Shopping Study done by Pitney Bowes.

Here are some of the highlights of the study:


Where do Global consumers find products to purchase online?

As many as 38 percent Indians trust Social Media to find products to purchase online, followed by Brazil (21%) and China (20%). On the other hand, developed countries like Japan (70%), UK (70% and Australia (67%) use search engines to find their products online.

If you look at global averages, 62 percent rely on search engines, 44 percent rely on direct visits to retailers site, while 16 percent rely on use of Social Media to find the products online.

Which Device is used by Global Consumers to make online purchases?

Globally, on an average 24 percent consumers use mobile devices to make online purchases, however, in India, that percentage is around 36, clearly showing that Indians use mobile devices far more than Global average, however, consumers in UK use mobile devices even more at 37 percent. in China, the same is 34 percent.

Japan (87%) leads when it comes to shopping through either computer or a laptop, followed by France (85%) and Russia. Globally, 3 out of 4 consumers use laptops to shop online.

Where would consumers consider purchasing online from?

While only 12 percent consumers globally would use Social Media to purchase products online, over 27% consumers in India trust Social Media to make online purchases, which is maximum of all the countries. 78 percent Russians directly go to marketplaces to make purchases, while 46% Germans use search engines to do the same.

What do these findings mean for Indian online retailers?

It’s simple – Indian consumers trust Social Media more than any other country. For etailers, it is simple, they not only need to have their presence on Social Media, they need to market their products aggressively on Social media platforms.

It is interesting to note that even today, except for top 3-4 e-tailers in India, most of them have very small presence on Social media. Hopefully the numbers above will convince them to look at Social media more seriously.

Here is the Infographic released by Pitney Bowes.


[Pitney Bowes Study]

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