Brand India Now World’s 7th Most Valuable National Brand Worth $2.14 Trillion; Improves by 32% In 2015


World's Most Valuable National Brands

Brand India is now worth $2.16 trillion, which makes us World’s 7th most valuable national brand. As per a study conducted by Brand Finance, a London based brand valuation and strategy consultant, it was found that India has increased it’s brand value by whooping 32% in the last 12 months.

In 2014, Brand India was valued at $1.62 trillion. With such a massive improvement, we have now overtaken Canada, Italy and Australia in brand valuation.

With a brand value of $19.7 trillion, USA is the world’s most valuable national brand as of now, with China at #2 with a value of $6.3 trillion; and Germany is placed at #3 with valuation of $4.1 trillion. The recent turmoil in Chinese stock markets have eroded almost $1 trillion from Chinese brand value in the last one year.

United Kingdom (#4; brand value: $3.01 trillion); Japan (#5; brand value: $2.5 trillion) and France (#6; brand value 2.15 trillion) are the other countries ranked before India.

The remaining three countries in the top 10 list are: Canada at #8 with brand value of $2.04 trillion; Italy at #9 with valuation of $1.4 trillion and Australia at #10 with brand valuation of $1.4 trillion.

In the top 20 list, there are only three Asian countries: India, China and South Korea, which has increased their brand value by 10% to make it at $1.1 trillion as of 2015.

Best & Worst Performing National Brands

In terms of improvement, Iran has shown the biggest jump in their brand value, as they are now worth $159 billion, up from $100 billion last year, showcasing an increase of 59% in their net value. Cameroon with 50% growth is at #2 in the best performing list, while Tanzania with 44% growth is at #3.

Kenya with 43% growth is at #4 and Zambia with 39% growth is at #5 in this list. This shows the emergence of African countries in the world order.

On the other hand, with 45% negative growth, Ukraine is the worst performing country in the overall branding rank. Compared to $80 billion last year, they are now worth only $44 billion. The Russian conflict has definitely taken its toll on this country.

Peru with 33% of negative growth is at #2 in this rank, followed by Russia which witnessed 31% of negative growth. They are now valued at $810 billion, compared to $1.1 trillion last year.

Honduras and Argentina are the #4 and #5 worst performing countries as per their brand value in 2015.

Thus, Latin America and Russia-Ukraine dominate this list as of now, which was earlier dominated by African countries: a complete U-turn in 2015.

Here are the Top 20 National brands of 2015

Top 20 Most Valuable NAtional brands

World’s Most Powerful Brands

A separate list of those powerful national brands has been created, which takes into account only the GDP, that it, revenues associated with the total population. This list is different from the ‘Most Valuable Brand’ list, as several other factors such as exports, imports, human rights, governance, etc are omitted.

Singapore, with total brand value of $412 billion, has been declared as the World’s most powerful brand nation as of now. Switzerland is ranked #2 in this list, with total brand value of $1.02 trillion.

UAE is at #3; followed by Finland at #4 and New Zealand at #5.

This overall list of brand value of various nations has been created using a complex maze of data, insights, forecasts and trends. While the ‘Most Powerful Brand’ list have only taken into account the revenues, the ‘Most Valuable Brand’ list takes into account other factors such as vision of the Government, Image of that country infront of other countries, strategy of that nation to overcome obstacles, Macro/Micro economic statements and their positioning in the overall global structure. (for example, the recent controversy concerning safety issues with Volkwagen in Germany has directly resulted in erosion of 4% in Germany’s brand value!)

You can find the complete ranking and more insights regarding brand valuations right here.

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