MTS Launches Internet Calling Plans on WhatsApp, Skype, Viber etc to Show Support for Net Neutrality!


MTS OpenWeb PLans

Today, MTS India revealed its new internet calling data plans which are first of its kind in the country to show its support and commitment towards Net-Neutrality.

The new internet calling plans allow MTS users to make voice calls through Instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and others.  The plans have been launched for both prepaid and post-paid customers.

For prepaid customers packs starts from Rs. 198 and for post-paid customers packs starts from Rs. 599 in the initial stage. This data can also be used for normal web browsing as well apart from the internet calling. MTS said that the data will be calculated using the standard voice codes which will guarantee accurate data calculation.

Interestingly, MTS calls these plans as “Anti-Zero Rating Plans”!

According to Sandeep Yadav, Chief Marketing & Brand Officer – MTS India, “MTS India does not support any discrimination or preferential treatment when it comes to internet services. It is our belief that the freedom to access and use internet services the way a customer wants should rest with the customer himself. Our latest “Anti-Zero Rating Plans” allow customers the freedom to use data for internet calling if they wish to. Simply put, the Rs 499 plan which offers 5GB data will translate into 5000 minutes of internet calls.”

Earlier, Bharti Airtel also came up with Internet Calling Traffic plans but the plans were considered to be against the ideology of Net-Neutrality so the operator withdrew the plans from its services.

Plans launched by MTS India


Key highlights of new Net-Neutrality Internet Calling plans

  • First of its kind data plans in the market to offer customers net- neutral internet calling options, be it over Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, etc.
  • MTS prepaid customers to get 5GB data for Rs 499 with absolute freedom to use it the way they want – 5GB data will translate into 5000 minutes of internet calls.
  • Postpaid customers can opt for rental plans starting from Rs 599.
  • Initiative to be supported by a 360 degree communication campaign which will include digital, social media, radio, TVC and out of home (OOH) media.

Our View

While MTS commitment to Net Neutrality is good to see – we fail to understand as to why do they have to specify that voice calls can be made through these plans. When a user takes an internet plan, they can use it for anything. We think that this is more of a marketing gimmick more than anything else – otherwise why will you say “5GB data will translate into 5000 minutes of internet calls”. Just by saying it, you are differentiating between normal internet traffic and voice calls through internet!

Would love to hear your views on this!

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