Social Media & Instant Messaging Driving Mobile Video Consumption in India: Vuclip


Social Video Sharing

Social media is fueling digital-video growth in the near past, with videos emerging as one of the top digital advertising formats on desktop and mobile. Very soon, we would probably see mobile being the biggest driver of digital-video ad spend.

This phenomenon would majorly be based on digital video’s growing reception on social media sites. With introduction of features like autoplay, social media sites are making people watch videos, and people are getting engrossed.

Social sharing is boosting mobile video growth. Video Quality and Video Content are the Key factors driving Mobile Video Sharing in India and other Emerging Markets of the Middle East and South East Asia stated Vuclip, the OTT Mobile Video service for emerging markets of Asia and Africa in its results of the Q2 2015 Global Video Insights (GVI) Survey.

The company extensively surveyed 5000 mobile video viewers from India, Indonesia, UAE, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand in the month of August and here’s what they found:

  • Social Media and Instant Messaging platforms driving Mobile Video growth through sharing
  • Video quality and content standards key factors for videos to be shared
  • User Generated Content (UGC) generates maximum sharing
  • Android device proliferation contributing to the growing trend of video sharing

Video has lately become content of choice, instead of reading things over, people prefer watching videos. Thus, videos have been dominating social media content format.

Regular segments like podcasts and vlogs are driving social engagement and other marketing goals. We can even see video posting moving from Youtube towards Facebook, as the latter engages more people on phones. Also, Facebook videos receive significantly more shares than YouTube.

Key Insights From Vuclip GVI Survey relevant to India:

Use of instant messaging platforms and social networks for mobile video sharing is increasing:

    • Whatsapp trumps Facebook as a medium of choice for Indians to share mobile videos with 51% respondents sharing videos via Whatsapp, 45% on Facebook and 15% using G+
    • 21% of respondents in India have shown proclivity to share videos at least once a week while 14% of respondents indicated that they share videos at least once a month.

User Generated Content (UGC) generates maximum sharing followed by professionally created Music Video content:

    • 23% of respondents in India have shown preference to sharing user generated content of which 58% of the videos shared are in the ‘Funny Videos’ segment
    • In the professionally created content category, music videos (21%) are most frequently shared, followed by comedy clips (15%) and movie trailers (12%)

The social networking sites are giving extra exposure to uploaded videos because they keep users on the platform longer. It’s a win- win situation for them. Also, republishing grows reach out here. In 2015, digital video finally pulled ahead, way to go!

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