Meet OnHub, Google’s Router That Shows New Way To Wi-Fi!


OnHub Router

Google, in collaboration with leading router manufacturer TP-Link have launched a new age Wi-Fi router – OnHub. The router has been designed to keep up with the latest technology in the home, and help make Wi-Fi faster, more secure, and easy to use.

OnHub is nothing like any other Wi-Fi router you may have seen. It is round cylindrical shaped device that is about 11 inch in height and 5 inch in diameter and weighs about a kilogram.

OnHub claims to address some of the most significant challenges associated with Wi-Fi today. It’s designed to be out in the open, where it works its best. It has fewer wires, a shell to keep cords tidy and lighting that is subtle and useful.

OnHub has an innovative antenna design and is coupled with smart software that continually works to enhance users’ Wi-Fi connection. The device has a unique circular antenna with 13 built-in, hidden antennas that reduce network interference and optimize network connectivity.

Even managing OnHub is completely different, it works with ‘Google On’ app, making it easy to set up and manage Wi-Fi. During setup, OnHub automatically selects the settings that will work best for the home, then automatically adjusts if things change so the network is always performing at its best. Also, because it is app based, you can manage the router from anywhere.

The router automatically installs new features and the latest security updates. OnHub is also Bluetooth Smart, Weave, and 802.15.4 ready, so it can support a growing number of smart devices in the home.

As far as the speed goes, OnHub gives you Wi-Fi at a speed of up to 1900 Mbps by supporting both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. In regards to the speed, you will never be found wanting (as long as you also have a good internet connection).

Interestingly, OnHub also packs 4GB of storage space. But that storage is only for auto-updates and Software features, you cannot store anything on it. This also lets us assume that software on this device seems to be quite bulky!

And the best part – there are no blinking lights on this one… have you ever seen a router that does have blinking lights?

What’s the Price?

While OnHub does pack enviable features for a router, it does not come cheap. It is priced at USD 199/- or about Rs. 12,500/- . So, unless you have a blazing fast internet connection and tens of smart devices, OnHub is a overkill for a typical home, however smart it may be…atleast in India.

And even if you decide to buy it- you will not get it in India. OnHub has been listed on Google Play store and (not .in). It is also available in the US on TP Link store,, Newegg and Walmart. You can check out more details about OnHub here

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