Housing.com is Hacked, A Mocking Message Displayed In Response To Rahul Yadav Firing


Most of the techies had a feeling that after Rahul Yadav was fired, the housing product team is going to have serious issues with their product development. But, very few thought that housing website will get hacked, because when board decided to fire Rahul Yadav, they obviously would have take stringent measures against something like this happening!

But it has happened. As of writing this article, the housing website is down, and this is the message that is displayed.

Housing hacked

While, no one aware as to who is behind this hacking incident, one cannot help but to think it may be Rahul Yadav himself.

Interestingly, on his facebook page he has put an update stating (though this was put up about 15-17 hours before the hacking incident):

Rahul Yadav status update

If Rahul Yadav is involved in any manner in bringing down the website, it is not only extremely unethical, but also sets a dangerous precedence for new tech entrepreneurs. Sabotaging a business after getting fired from there is nothing less than criminal!

The Rahul Yadav – Housing saga seems to be far from over!

Update: Rahul Yadav has denied any involvement in this incidence. Here is another update that he put up on Facebook. He says, “I would have DESIGNED it better. ?#?NotInvolved? ?#?LoveYouTechTeam?

RY message

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