Flipkart Brings Generous Maternity Benefits Policy For Employees. Sets Benchmark For Others to Follow


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The homegrown lighthouse eCommerce platform in India, Flipkart, has taken a step that should make their employees, especially females, very happy. They have announced a brand new Maternity Benefits program that offers generous perks for employees who are expectant mothers. In the process, they have also set a benchmark for other successful startups and even large companies to do the same!

Here are some of the generous announcements made by Flipkart in their Maternity Benefits program.

  • All new mother get six months paid leave (can start three months before expected date of delivery)
  • Post return to work women employees can avail four months of flexible working hours with full pay along with continuity on the same job
  • Can avail an extended leave of up to 12 months (career break without pay) and return to available jobs at that point
  • Upto Rs. 600 per day transport reimbursement for 2 months before going on maternity break
  • Dedicated parking spot for two months before and after delivery
  • Higher maternity claim benefit for women employees:
            • Rs. 65,000 for Normal Delivery
            • Rs. 80,000 for C-Section
  • Creche support through tie-ups with day care centers – on co-share basis (50:50) for children up to 4 years ( The tie-ups are currently been finalized)

Along with such facilities, Flipkart has also announced a Maternity care program which will offer new and expectant mothers advice from wellness coach on parenting, work-life balance, family health among other things. Also, Flipkart will conduct Baby shower at the premises and offer the new mothers with Gift basket loaded with goodies.

Flipkart definitely needs to be appreciated for coming out with a Maternity benefits plan that touches upon each aspect where expectant and new mothers may need help (think about dedicated parking slots!).

I am sure this move is going to put them as on of the favourite companies to work for atleast with females!

Let us know what are your thoughts.

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