India To Overtake Japan, UK, Germany To Become World’s 3rd Biggest Economy By 2050: The Economist Intelligence Unit



As of now, the spending power of an average Indian is just 3% of that of a US citizen; however, by 2050, it will increase to 24%. This proves the fact that India is right now at the cusp of an economic boom.

As per a recent research titled “Long-term macroeconomic forecasts – Key trends to 2050” conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit, it was revealed that by 2050, India will become world’s 3rd biggest economy overtaking UK, Germany, Japan, France and Brazil.

China will become world’s most powerful economy, beating USA.

The Current State

With an annual GDP of $2055 billion, India is right now placed at #9 rank among all the nations of the world, when it comes to the Economic ranking of the top 10 countries. With GDP of$ 17,479 billion, US is ranked #1 and China is ranked #2 with GDP of $10,335 billion.


However, taking into account the economies of 82 nations, and the long term decisions made by the Governments, there would be a major reshuffle in this ranking.

The Future

Here is the projected ranking showcased by the Economist team, based on the GDP of top 10 nations.


As we can see, besides India and China, every current top 10 nation will face severe negative growth. Infact, by 2050, Italy and Russia would be ousted from this top 10 ranking. As per various projections, Mexico, and another Asian country Indonesia would jump into the top 10 chart.

As of now, Indonesia is at 16th rank and Mexico is at 15th rank.

And India will climb 6 places to reach #3 position, behind China and USA. India will experience a growth rate of 5% in it’s GDP, which is again highest in the world.

Interesting Pointers

Dominance of Asia: Between 2000 and 2014, several Asian economies such as Japan and Korea saw incredible growth of their GDP as in some instances, it was as high as 32%. This growth story will continue to surpass rest of the world, as India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia would be the torch bearers of the new growth path. The report does mentions that the growth rate for the next 35 years would not that be that high, but still it account for 53% of the global GDP by 2050.

Power of Top 3 Economies: By 2050, the combined economic power of top three countries: US, China and India would be more than the combined size of the next 5 countries: Indonesia, Germany, Japan, Brazil, and the UK.

Global dominance

The report mentions that as the responsibilities of the top 3 countries would become more important, especially in the cases of global warming, pollution and birth control.

You can access the full report: “Long-term macroeconomic forecasts – Key trends to 2050” here.

  1. Jose says

    After seeing the statistics, India will be a top 3 in global economic growth. Proud to be an Indian.

  2. Forever says

    Thanks for sharing informative information .

  3. sumit says

    I think india will get 3rd rank in 2025 and 2nd rank in 2050 because of its PPP

  4. Asim De Sarkar says

    I am eagerly waiting for the moment when Indian economy will overtake the Chinese economy.God bless our politicians with good sense so that they steer our economy in the right direction.

  5. Rishi grover says

    Good to see india rising up and overtaking main powers of world:)KEEP IT UP

  6. Ashish says

    Good to see that UK is reduced to its ancient ANT STATUS by 2050…and India is 7 times that of UK’s economy….perhaps by that time we would own BBC, Guardian….and stop them from making Anti-India Propoganda !!!

  7. nirmal sahoo says

    i am keen to know that with the above fact if india comes closer to the level as indicated in the report, how the poorer of india will be benefited.

  8. Neha Sharma says

    Nice post, The Way Make in India campaign going, i really doubt 2050 or even 2040. In Last 1 year, India’s Forex reserve increase by 4%. i guess india will shine by 2035 even. :)

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