Snapdeal Trolls Flipkart’s #AcchaKiya Campaign With #YahanSeKharido


ECommerce wars in India bring us some quirky and fun moments – These online companies don’t miss an opportunity to troll each other. It is actually a win-win for all.

As consumers, we get to see some great creativity, and all the brands involved get heaps of media and social coverage. Yes, in some instances, things get ugly, but in most cases they are just lot of fund!

The latest troll war is going on between 2 biggest ECommerce sites in India – Flipkart and Snapdeal.

Recently, Flipkart has been aggressively pushing their #AcchaKiya campaign through online and offline media. Here is a glimpse of their front page ad in Hindustan Times of #AchhaKiya campaign.

It’s just not newspapers, but their ads are appearing on Television as well as large hoardings.

Obviously, Snapdeal could not let this opportunity go – to Ambush Flipkart’s #AcchaKiya Campaign. Here is what they came up with!

But Snapdeal not only ambushed them on Social Media platforms, but trolled them big time outdoors as well by strategically placing the hoardings just below Flipkart’s. Have a look at this and enjoy!


And, it was not just in one place, but everywhere they could strategically place those hoardings.


Honestly, this is such a lot of fun!

Here is another example of how Zomato gave a fitting reply to Amazon when they commented on Zomato’s new logo.

  1. random says

    lol…If you guys don’t even know what’s national language .. Get educated. Loksabha Q&A
    “There is no provision in the Constituion of India to accord Hindi the status of national language. ”

    btw, do you guys know what is Loksabha ?

  2. Arun Prabhudesai says

    @Ashok – SO which language to use. To use English means you are depriving 80% of the nation. Hindi is the most widely used language and hence hindi. I think it is perfectly fine to use Hindi in my view…

  3. Ashok says

    Why these company using Hindi? Don’t they know India is a multi lingual country where millions of people don’t know Hindi?

    1. Akshay says


      Don’t you Hindi is our national language?

      1. somesh says

        Don’t you know, you just proved that you’re a stupid, since there is no national language for Indian union.

    2. Amit says

      Why the hell everyone complains about people using Hindi. Just fucking get used to it or stop bullshitting.

    3. Mitesh says

      Lol..if you dont know hindi in India ,then learn it .Hindi is the national language.

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