Official Narendra Modi App Launched. Here Is Everything You Can Do With It


Narendra Modi App launched

Stepping up his digital governance initiatives and for improving his interactions with the Indian citizens, the PM Narendra Modi has launched his own official app for Android users in the country.

The apps’ features are based on a select few suggestions chosen out of more than 9,500 suggestions received from all parts of the country. This app appears to be different from the PMO Mobile app announced by MyGov (a citizen-engagement platform) in partnership with Google.

According to the app description on Google Play, the app will bring the latest news and updates to the users whenever they are.

The users can receive messages and can interact via emails directly with the PM.

The app also has a section for the famous PM’s Mann Ki Baat session where the users can listen live to whenever the session is happening and can also browse the playlist of previously recorded sessions.

The app also has a section for To-do tasks, where users can contribute to the earn points and badges. Points can be earned by sharing stuff like e-books on PM’s various tours or by answering simple questions.

The app also has a ‘Social Buzz’ section where the users can stay connected with the PM via his Facebook and Twitter feeds. The ‘Blogs’ section of the app takes the users to blog posts about PM’s activities.

The ‘Speeches’ section is where the users can read the speech given by the honorable PM in the national language by default.

Other interesting sections of the app include Interviews, Biography, Governance, Global Recognition, Infographics, Media coverage, and most importantly a Feedback section.

The users can also customize the app to receive notifications for selected sections, and can also change the language of either all content or only the Mann Ki Baat section.

Mann Ki Baat section can be viewed in a total of 30 Indian languages, whereas the other content can either be read in Hindi or English at the moment.

PM Narendra Modi is one of the most tech-savvy PM that India has had till now. The launch of this mobile app proves that the PM sincerely believes in digital governance and wants to leave no stone unturned for interacting with his fellow citizens. Kudos to that effort!

Download Narendra Modi App from Google Play

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