Free Night Calling Revives BSNL Landlines, Spurs Growth


Landline Making a Comeback? After BSNL, Airtel Announces Free Outgoing Calls on Fixed Lines

As it was widely anticipated, the free unlimited night calling from BSNL landline to any phone (wireless/fixed) within India, has infused growth and charm into the loss-making PSU telecom operator- BSNL.

BSNL free night calling facility which allows the subscribers to dial any number within India for free between 9 pm and 7 am was implemented on May 1, 2015. There is no catch of any kind in this offer and it allows the subscribers to chat as long as they want within the given time period.

It was for the first time in the last few years that BSNL witnessed growth in its landline subscriber base.

“In the last two months we have seen growth of 30 percent in registration for new connection compared to April 2015,” said K C Ghosh, BSNL GM (Calcutta Telephones or CalTel) responsible for fixed landlines.

Mr. Ghosh also said that the demand for re-connection has also gone up by 20-25% during this period. Re-connections lines are defined as existing fixed connections which had barred outgoing as well as incoming calls for non-payment of dues.

K C Ghosh also mentioned that CalTel still has only 7.5 lakh fixed landline connections down from 14 lakh connections that the telephone company enjoyed during its prime in 2003-2004.

Talking about CalTel’s financial performance, S Kujur, BSNL GM Finance at CalTel mentioned that there has been a positive trend after a few years of negative growth.

“There had been revenue growth of 2.15% to Rs. 675 crore in FY15′ up from Rs. 661 crore registered in the previous fiscal,” S Kujur added.

However, in spite of the recent growth in revenue and increasing demand for its landline connections, CalTel will still have to bear huge losses. According to S Kujur, the losses for FY15 will be to the tune of Rs. 360 crores, down from Rs. 398 crore loss during the last fiscal.

BSNL is still far behind from what it was a decade back. Now all that the company needs are new and attractive plans and offers for retaining its old customers and for attracting new customers who are on the lookout for a new home connection.

Besides offering free calling facilities, BSNL can also fast and affordable broadband connections so that it can also lure in those who want a fast and a cheap broadband connection.

I would certainly surrender my current broadband connection if BSNL would offer a 2 Mbps unlimited combo broadband plan under Rs. 1,000. Who wouldn’t want to get unlimited night calls and fast internet both in a combo pack under Rs. 1,000/month?

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  1. Srinivas says

    ” would certainly surrender my current broadband connection if BSNL would offer a 2 Mbps unlimited combo broadband plan under Rs. 1,000. Who wouldn’t want to get unlimited night calls and fast internet both in a combo pack under Rs. 1,000/month?”

    Now BSNL INTRODUCED NEW PLAN for 1091 combo BROADBAND AT 8MBS SPEED UPTO 60GB LIKE other provider. This is introduced last week only.

    1. Govardhan Kini says

      BSNL comes out with 1199 plan which gives 2 mbps unlimited + unlimited calls within India 24 hours a day.

  2. H says

    Disagreed on most of this points of Article.

    How, BSNL will earn profit with this schemes?

    There is a big catch in this offer.

    As per BSNL ‘s announcement, this scheme is available in most of plans(not all)

    I have heard that this scheme is not available for users who have joined from 2014 (I forgot exact month) or who has annual plan.

    So, this scheme is not available for new users.

    How can BSNL will make profit if new users are not going to get benefits?

    If new users or annual users are not aware of this, and using as unlimited calls, they might get bill of big amount in next bill, as most of users are getting bill at 2 months and this scheme is started from 1st May.

    Can you pl. make clarify that there is catch or not?

    If yes, post it for users’ awareness.

    1. Umesh says

      This scheme is applicable in most of the plans that BSNL offering these days. It is applicable to new users also.

      1. H says

        You are also telling “Most Of”, “Most of” means there ia a catch.

        Have you confirmed with local BSNL exchange? Don’t trust call center.

        1. mahender says

          instead of arguing like this you should have searched a bit.
          this free calling facility is not for sulabh plan in landline plan and only in combo broadband plans. If you are really intrested than please took pain of visiting this link

          this plan is nationwide and applicable to all circles, you can also visit bsnl website.
          sorry if my comments hurt you. have a nice day!!

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