Frequent Mobile Call Drops? Don’t Worry, Soon You Will Get Refunded


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One of the major problems that mobile users in India face is call drops – the problem especially severe especially in rural areas and places with less mobile towers. Call drop complaints are amongst the highest compared to any other reason.

Thankfully the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has taken a note of this and carried out a three month pilot project to see the number of call drops that happen and how users can be compensated for same. The telecom department procured new devices that will monitor all mobile circles in the country. Post successful completion of this pilot, TRAI will roll-out this service across India, which is expected to happen from August.

According to TRAI, call drops have been consistently rising in India. Currently, around 14 percent of all calls get dropped which is 7 times higher than what is acceptable. The acceptable rate of call drops should be less than 2 percent.

The TRAI has defined various quality of service benchmarks that telecom operators need to adhere to while providing service to consumers. The QoS benchmarks include call drops, billing, complaint redressal time and time taken to attend customer calls, among others.

After implementation of this project, in the event a user faces a call drop, the caller will not be charged by the telecom operator and will credit back the balance in customer’s account.

In a consumer satisfaction survey published by TRAI last year, it has been seen that all telecom operators are getting lower satisfaction scores in one circle or the other. For example, India’s leading operator has a high consumer satisfaction rating in Kerala circle at 99.1 percent, however, they falter in in Punjab region where their satisfaction rating is only about 88.20 percent. Similarly, Aircel has high satisfaction levels in Assam at 99% percent, but when it comes to Punjab it is only 78%.

The survey showed that it is not just one or two operators, but all operators have issues in different circles. With this new call-drop refund policy coming in, the satisfaction scores should surely get a bump in coming months.

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  2. Kapil Chouksey says

    Reliance has got the solution for regulatory also. Now reliance is using a different techniques for call drop, in this case the operator (reliance) will not be responsible for the call drop. Now they mute the voice in between of call so that the user need to cut the call by himself. This is a very cheap mentality of Reliance. Reliance is the worst telecom company and always be.

  3. Avinash says

    Why is that you are shying to name the country’s top mobile service operator but have very conveniently mentioned Aircel name and rating?

    Why is the CSAT rating low in Punjab? Food for thought.

  4. Manpreet Kaur says

    This move is going to be loved by the regular users. In fact, I think there should be strict regulations for providing phone and internet related services. And brands like airtel etc should be hit first. I have got an airtel connection and I am well versed with kinds of things I have to face because of the connection. I would love to shift to some other connection but my location has just Airtel 4G connection. That explains who users like me get stuck and suffer.
    Strict regulations would hopefully decrease such things. Checking the call drops is a nice start.

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