Google May Soon Setup Cache Servers in India For Quicker Search Results & YouTube Videos!


Google Cache Servers

How much time would it take to display the search results in Google? It might take 1 or 2 seconds. And for the videos, it takes more time (3 to 4 seconds) to buffer and play the full video (also depends on your bandwidth speed). Undoubtedly, both these are relatively quite fast, but what if you were told that your results or buffer the videos within a fraction of second in India? That’s exactly what Google is planning to offer you.

They are now planning to setup cache/mirror servers in India which will be able to display the search results and play the videos quicker. The buffering time for the YouTube would be reduced by 80% if the cache servers are located in India. The speed of all other Google offerings like Gmail, Google Drive etc will speed up noticeably.

Google has not officially confirmed this, but they have been discussing this with fibre manufacturer Sterlite Technologies. “Google is high in search and high on videos and the fibre infrastructure is going to be very critical for videos from the bandwidth perspective and for search for the latency perspective,” said Anand Agarwal, the chief executive of the Vedanta Group.

Major Benefits from Google’s Cache Server

If the Google’s cache server is installed, the internet will surely get faster as compared to the present speed. The cache server will save the web pages and the content locally on servers, to give the best user experience when people search for any specific information.

Cache is essentially temporary storage of webpages/images/videos. Say for an instance, you opened by searching it on Google once and just few hours later you did that again. You will notice the loading speed to be improved, due to caching. Google’s Cache server will also mean that your queries (on Google search for example) will not travel to server outside India, thereby taking much lesser time to return back in your browser.

Experts in the Industry feel, that Google may even setup full data center in India in the near future. The Research Director of Gartner, Naveen Mishra says, “I see cache server as a stepping stone for bigger investment coming from Google and that could be really in the form of local data centers. Eventually, I would not be surprised if Google sets up its complete data centre in India.”

Global Data Centers in India

Google is currently in discussion with few firms regarding setting up the cache server, whereas, Microsoft has already committed to establish the cloud data center and it would be the first MNC in India.

Microsoft has 13, Google has 12 and Amazon has 8 data centers all over the world. But the question here is why doesn’t anyone of them have in India? The reason is infrastructure. As we are well aware that the Indian Government does encourage the foreign companies to establish their branches in India but the fact that companies have to build their own infrastructure, makes it costly for them to do. And that’s the reason most of the MNCs ain’t ready to invest in India, especially in case of data centers.

The discussions of Google and Sterlite Technologies are just in the initial stages. It’s still a long way to go! If the Google cache server is installed in India, every one of us would love the internet speed with better search experience and lightning fast videos on YouTube.

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