Xiaomi Brings Mi Box Mini Media Streamer & Mi Headphones To Market.


Xiaomi is on a roll these days. If it plays its card right (or as it is playing right now), it should become one of the fastest growing companies and one of the most important and powerful companies in mobile hardware.

They have launched the latest installments to their smartphone range in the form of Mi Note and Mi Note Pro. Along with these, the company has launched two new products in the market. While Mi Headphones are over-the-ear headphones comprising of 50 mm beryllium diaphragm speakers. It also has silver-plated straight cable for low impedance, low interference and high-fidelity.

Mi Headphones

Additionally, it comes with interchangeable over-ear and on-ear covers. I do not know if any other company offers this but it is an interesting offering. The Mi headphones are priced are 499 RMB in China (around Rs. 5000).

The second product is more interesting – Mi Box Mini – a media streamer ( or set top box) which is ultra-portable and one-fourth the size of the previous Mi Box. This is a great reduction in size. Especially considering that it has all the necessary components to run android on it as well as be a great TV companion device.

Mi Box Mini

Mi Box Mini specifications:

  • Quad Core Cortex A7 1.3 GHz Processor
  • 1 GB RAM, 4 GB Flash
  • 1080P Resolution, Dolby DTS Audio
  • 2.4G/5G Dual Band WiFi 802.11n
  • Built in power supply, plug and play
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Standard 1.5m HDMI cable
  • H.265 Video encoding

Its biggest feature however is its compactness that makes it incredibly portable and easy to keep. The price of the device is 199 Yuan which translates to around Rs. 2000.

Mi Box Mini portable

These are incredible devices and Mi Box Mini is a great product to have for your TV set. It will make any HDMI enabled TV a better experience and it is cheaper than both Chromecast (Rs. 2999) and Roku Stick (Rs. 5000). The device will be up for preorder on Jan 20 with shipping later.


The issue however will be its availability. First, it will be only released in China right now. Second, when and if it is released in India, the process of buying the device is not going to be easy if we take any hint from the current device sales that Xiaomi has in India. The device will probably get sold out within seconds of its release.

What is your opinion on the products that Xiaomi has launched? Do you think it will be one of the hottest companies of 2015?

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