The Top 10 Indian Viral Videos of 2014


A viral video is the one which catches the imagination of a large audience, and gets instantly shared across the digital platform. Kolaveri Di song, with 87 million views as of now, is considered the most viral video Indians have ever watched. When it was launched in 2011, it had generated 17 million views in just 2 weeks.

As 90% of the online videos are uploaded on Youtube, we analyzed some of the heavily watched and shared Indian videos on Youtube, and compiled this list of top 10 viral videos:

Top 10 Viral Videos 2014

1) Kapil Sharma with Sunny Leone & Ekta Kapoor:

As we had shared earlier, Sunny Leone is the one of the most heavily searched celebrity on Google and other search engines. And Kapil Sharma is number 1 comedian in the Indian television industry.

What happens when these two are thrown into a show, along with Ekta Kapoor, the enchanting magician of soap operas?

With 9.5 million views as of now, this is no doubt the most watched viral video which Indians watched in 2014.

2) When Alia Bhatt Fights Back:

This year, there were several memes and jokes dedicated to Alia Bhatt’s intelligence, after some reports emerged that she failed to answer some general knowledge questions.

In this video, Alia Bhatt fights back, and presents herself in a sizzling show of sharp wit and incredible humor. 7.07 million views of this video suggests that people actually loved this style of Alia.

3) Nescafe Ad

Highlighting the difficulties which an average person faces while pursuing his/her dreams is the theme of this wonderful creative advertisement by Nescafe. With 5.2 million views as of now, this was one of the most watched videos in 2014.

The description of the video says it all: “We all fall, get up and complete the race of life! And while we huddle up with friends, family and the world to celebrate the success, it is only that one companion that silently stays by our side all through the journey, right from the start, never letting us give up & keeping us on plan – NESCAFÉ!  #ItAllStarts”

4) The Seatbelts Crew

A nice, innovative way to educate drivers about the importance of seat belts. It is widely known that just a simple act of wearing seatbelts can drastically reduce changes of fatality in an accident.

4.6 million views of this video suggests that people loved and shared this video overwhelmingly.

5) Narendra Modi in Aap Ki Adalat

Just before the start of General Elections in April this year, Narendra Modi decided to give one final interview on television, and Rajat Sharma from Aap ki Adalat lapped up this opportunity with open hands.

With 4.3 million views as of now, this was one of those rare political videos which gained huge viewership.

6) Social Cause: Washroom for a Girl

What happens when a lady needs to pee? Our Government, our Society and Our system has no answers. In this daring video, a girl is asking for help as she needs to go to loo, and the answers will both amuse you and worry you.

3.2 million views of this video actually stresses the importance and relevance of this issue.

7) Sex Education in India

When the Health Ministry suggested to scrap sex education in India schools, then there was a huge backlash among academicians and health experts, criticizing the view of the Government.

As a result of the public sentiments, East India Comedy group on Youtube launched their hilarious take on this issue. With 2.6 million views as of now, this was one of those funny, yet informative video about hardcore social cause.

Imagine how a sex education class would look like, with Government approved syllabus and content!

8) Public Shaming: Rape on the Road

The creators of this social experiment parked a rented car in a dark corner of a road, and attached audio devices inside, which gave out noises as if there is some sort of sexual harassment /rape going on. The idea was to check how people react, and how many of them actually help the victim.

The root cause of social evils is the indifference of the audience, and this social experiment will force you to think hard. With 2.6 million views as of now, this video was viewed and shared all across the country.

9) Public Shaming: Racism

Although we Indians get hurt very easily when one among them are victims of racial abuse in some Western country, we totally overlook the fact that we are no different. Ask any North Eastern guy living in Delhi, and you will get the idea.

In this viral social experiment, some people are openly harassing a North East girl in a busy road in Delhi, and the reaction from the public will hang you head in shame. This video generated 2.6 million views as of now, and was one of the most widely shared videos in 2014.

10) Public Shaming: Injured Man On The Road

How does Indians react when they see an injured person on the road? 99% of them avoid helping that person, fearing police enquiry and ‘hassles’; even if that delay can take that injured person’s life.

This social experiment can actually shock you. With 2.55 million views till date, this video was one of the most shared viral videos of India in 2014.

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