GOSF 2014: 7 Things Shoppers Should Avoid!


The countdown for GOSF 2014, the biggest loot of the year, has already begun. Starting 10th December, shoppers are going to run the race, the race to get the best products at never-seen-before discounts.

The budget has been set aside, wish list has been created, shopping sites have been bookmarked. But, are all these things enough to expect a hassle free shopping experience during GOSF?

May be not, there are certain things which a shopper should keep in mind during this gala of online shopping. Mehul Jobanputra, CEO and co-founder of DesiDime.com, shares some tips on what not to do during GOSF 2014.

GOSF Deals


1) Don’t visit every shopping portal

Visiting every online store would be too tiring and laborious. The best way to quickly hunt for the best deal is by visiting the deals and coupons sites. These sites make your online shopping, especially during festivals, much more convenient because they do the work of finding the best deals online on your behalf. And yes, they do it for living, so they are quite good at spotting the best deals!

2) Don’t register or sign up at the last minute

Filling in the shopping details at the last minute is the best way of adding to your shopping woes. There is a high chance of deals getting out of stock quickly during GOSF.

It is, therefore, advisable to register in advance on major shopping portals like Snapdeal, Jabong, Ebay, Amazon, etc. and update details like shipping address and other required details.

3) Avoid shopping alone for big budget shopping

‘United you find the best deals, divided you find the average deals’- remember this while shopping during GOSF. An individual might find it difficult to research for various categories alone. So, in case of big budget shopping, it is advisable to shop in groups so that the research work gets divided.

4) Don’t be ignorant

The biggest regret after shopping is finding that your peers have got an amazing discount for a similar product. It’s better to stay updated about what the various shopping portals and GOSF have to offer. The best way to do this is by typing GOSF in Google and clicking on the news tab. All the press releases and news related to GOSF are populated under the news tab, thus helping you stay updated.

For instance: Many shoppers are still not aware that Google has a special Rs 299 corner where high end products will be sold for Rs 299. So, if a shopper wishes to know what special offers are available, they simply need to visit the news section of Google.

5) Don’t shy away from social networking sites and shopping communities:

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and shopping communities like DesiDime.com can provide you with a platform to interact with other online shoppers who can help you in making the best possible purchase decision.

6) Don’t shop on ad hoc basis

It is important to know, beforehand, the products you would like to shop during GOSF. Shopping randomly will only fetch you products which might be tempting right now but of no use in the long run. Prepare a wish list and prioritize in advance to save time, money and energy.

7) Don’t fail to use price comparison :

The price comparison will help you instantly compare prices of the same product across various shopping portals, thus helping you save an additional amount.

It is important to be calm and patient during such seasonal events since sometimes these events do have their share of disappointments. But GOSF 2014 is expected to be a lot more stable as compared to the previous year when the GOSF site had crashed.

Hoping you bad some great deals and discounts at GOSF 2014. Happy Shopping!

[box type=”shadow” ]This article is written by Mehul Jobanputra-CEO and co-founder of DesiDime.com– India’s largest online shopping community for deals and coupons.[/box]

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  1. Jashpinder Singh Gill says

    thanks a lot sir , just wanted to know how can i get notifications about when such festivals/ sales come into being , its already the last day of GOSF when i am checking it .

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