Veems, An App To Share Pictures With Voice Embedded Into Them


A picture is worth a thousand words, goes the cliché`.

No wonder that we love to express ourselves through pictures when we have the choice or we can. Pictures help grab eyeballs instantly and get the viewers’ attention faster. How about getting the option to add personalized voice notes to images and pictures to enhance their appeal even further?

For all those who have ever dreamed of doing that, here is a cool picture sharing platform which allows you add voice notes to your picture and then share it!

Introducing Veems…


Why would you want just another photo sharing app when there are hundreds, if not thousands, of them across the Play Store and iTunes already?

What sets Veems apart from all other picture sharing apps is, the option to add four seconds of sound to any of the pictures clicked by you. This sound could be a baby’s laughter, applause from an audience, a short piece of music or your own small message for friends, family or your audience.

After you share the voice note embedded picture with your friends whether privately or on social sites, they can choose to revoice that picture – they can add some quirky humour to it, add a little emotion to it or voice their own opinion as well. Your picture thus becomes like a roll of canvas on which anyone you choose to share it with can draw on- with sound!

Sounds like fun, right?

“Twitter and Vine have already shortened the way we share content in order to make it convenient for modern users. Veems lets us share photos with four seconds of sound and to keep it interesting,” say the Veem developers.

Veems embeds the audio clip along with meta data (independent of .exif) in the JPEG file, making it sharable cross platform for the first time. Anyone can see the picture, and when they download Veems, they can hear the sound instantly.

Features and Benefits of Veems

One-tap: Snap the picture and record the sound instantly, without the need to press another button. You can hear the audio clip with a single tap too.

Re-voice: Users can listen to the Veem sent to them and then re-voice it. That allows the recipients of the audio-visual clip to add their own story/ opinion to the picture.

Photo and Voice Notifications: Users can send and receive personalized live notifications from their friends.

More than 15% of all downloaded apps are related to pictures – editing tools, collage makers, effects, etc. Veems adds a little personalized note and message by the sender to a usual photo sharing app and gets the ball rolling. Every person who receives that picture can then add his feedback or opinion and go on sharing it.

Veems is not an app – it is a platform which allows users take, share and explore content with the simplest flow, and the to revoice it, embed it into sites like a YouTube video or share it with friends over social sites. Veems JPG is safer than other solutions due to no threatening and malicious softwares.

Though free for individual users, those who wish to use this platform for business purposes will be required to pay a small monthly fee. Premium features like sound enhancement, celebrity voices, music downloads and vocal meme creators will be added soon too.

Developed by Iddo Goren, Alex Namir and Irene Enriquez, Veems was launched in Philippines and India in May 2014 and has 140,000 registered users and 20,000 MAU already. 22% of users are actively sharing content using Veems.

Veems is available on Android as well as iOS. You can check out some Sample Veems on their website.  and the app’s page on Facebook

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