Delhi Police ‘One Touch Away’ App Consolidates Other Official Apps Under One Umbrella; But Fine Tuning Is Required


Delhi Police One Touch Away App

Delhi Police launched a trial version of their official app: “Delhi Police …One Touch Away” on Google Playstore. Basically, this app consolidates other official apps from Delhi Police under one roof, and offers all citizens a common platform for any task related with law enforcement and assistance.

As we tested the app, we found several issues with the functionality, as further fine tuning is required. Based on users’ feedback, the app would be updated in the next few days.

Delhi Police chief, BS Bassi, said while launching this application, “Our endeavor has been to identify areas where newer means can help in reducing public inconvenience and consequent dissatisfaction with police functioning. One such area for the public is how to reach police in various situations.”

The app has been developed by Delhi Police’s IT Centre.

Some of the basic functionalities of this app:

  • Users can find link to other official Delhi Police apps: Lost Report, Traffic app and Himmat app for women.
  • Users can find contact details of all police officers under Delhi Police, including Traffic Police. The app neatly details photograph of every officer, along with their phone number. Users can directly call them from the app, by tapping on the ‘call now’ button. Search facility is also provided. (Note: This facility is available on the official website of Delhi Police as well, but the app provides further information namely photograph and designation)
  • Citizens can report any incident by simply clicking on the ‘Camera’ button, which accesses the main camera of the mobile, and includes geographical location via GPS before sending the details to the Delhi Police via email.
  • Citizens can access latest notification from Delhi Police under ‘Notifications’ tab. This section can include latest warnings, threats and other information released by Delhi Police, which was earlier only shared on their website.
  • Links to other websites such as Delhi Police’s main portal:; link to Traffic Police’s website are also present in the app.
  • All helpline numbers grouped together at one single location for easy retrieval

Delhi Police One Touch Away App1

The app is supposed to sync all contact details of Delhi Police officers with the phone address book. As we tested the app, this syncing process took forever to complete; indicating that some more testing is required to fine tune the functionalities.

None the less, the app promises to be a one-stop destination for all major operations pertaining to Delhi Police, and implement e-Governance in a major way.

You can download the trial version of “Delhi Police …One Touch Away” right here.

Do share your feedback and suggestions after using this application, by commenting right here!



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    Thanks god It is available in English.

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