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The rising property rates in almost all the Indian cities are making people work from their homes and meeting their clients or teams at restaurants or coffee shops. This is especially true in case of startups, who are perpetually working on a shoestring budget.

But who would have thought that this concept can give birth to a start-up? The BreathingRoom addresses the space crunch faced by start-ups, sales teams or individuals.

The concept of BreathingRoom is clear and simple. Hire a workplace suitable to your time and location. Use free and speedy Wi-Fi, have an appropriate ambience and privacy to conduct your meetings or get your work done!

While there are other similar startups in this space, Breathing room differentiates itself by offering office space and meeting rooms on-demand and on hourly basis!

Breathing Room Startup

How BreathingRoom works?

BreathingRoom provides an hourly commercial space for individuals or groups for their business meetings and conferences. One has to just log into their mobile application (Available for Android and iPhone users currently and no booking is allowed on the website as of now) and find suitable BreathingRoom location. You can book suitable location and time slot. Once the payment is made, the Breathing Room will be ready for your meeting.

The room can be booked 3 days in advance or even 15 minutes prior to your meeting. It proves to be an ideal place for teams, startups or individuals who may not have an office space. Along with client meeting, these spaces can also be used for ideation, brainstorming sessions or formal gatherings.

Mostly, the places of offered by the BreathingRoom are unutilized or underutilized commercial spaces.

Where are BreathingRooms Located?

BreathingRoom commercial spaces are currently available in 5 cities including Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru and Hong Kong. The uniqueness of BreathingRoom is that their spaces are theme based with respect to the location.

For example, in Mumbai, they have a posh corporate looking space in Bandra while in Colaba they are based in an Art Gallery. Similarly, in Pune they have introduced a concept of Tea House suitable to all businesses.

How much it costs?

BreathingRoom will cost you Rs 400 per hour. Services provided by them depend upon the type of space you chose. If we take an example of Pune’s Tea House, BreathingRoom provides you an iPad and monitor for presentations. Coffee and snacks are also made available here. A group of 6 can be easily accommodated for a private meeting.

Impact on Indian Market

Currently, Coffee Shops like Café Coffee Day and Barista attract customers to use their space for business meetings. Almost 35% customers of Café Coffee and 30% customers of Barista come for business meetings. (Stats shared on Slide Share by Amity University)

BreathingRoom can prove to be an alternative option. Additionally, coffee shops or restaurants can’t give you a personalized experience which the BreathingRoom promises.

To add to this, check out this example of where Café Coffee Day has now starting to ban people from conducting meetings in their establishment. Check out this example of how a group of writers were thrown out for CCD Connaught place outlet as they did not allow for meetings in there!

A offering like BreathingRoom is surely need of the hour if things like these start happening!

When it was started and how was the response?

BreathingRoom was started in October this year by two ex-Amazonians Kaushal Sanghavi and Jacky Chow. The initial response for BreathingRoom was quite good. They have a wide range of clients from start-up owners, financial and tax consultants to marketing and sales personalities of renowned companies. All the clients have same and simple response, ‘It is time saving, simple, hassle free and good value for money.’

Is it tomorrow’s big thing?

Highly populace regions like South Asia, South East Asia and Latin America have major problems of heat, traffic and crowd. Business personalities, sales teams have to cope up with these factors. Breathing Room can be a good and wise option to overcome these difficulties.

This international brand is planning to expand its network across metro as well as tier-II Indian cities.

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