Infibeam Launches Domain Registry – .OOO Extensions Available


In an interesting turn, Indian e-commerce company Infibeam has announced launch of a new generic top level domain name dot-triple-O or .OOO. Offering a TLD for registrations is probably a first for any eCommerce company in world (as far as we know).

In a press release, Infibeam has said that they have become first technology company from India to launch a generic top level domain (GTLD). the domain will be made available for corporations and general public worldwide through global channel partners with whom Infibeam has already signed Registry Registrar Agreements (RRAs).


The sunrise period (a time during which owners of trademarks may register their domain name containing the owned mark.) has started on 22nd September and will run for month after which from 24th October general public will be able to book their domains.

The domain name registrations market has been steadily rising over the years. Currently there are over 153 million top level domains registered across the world. In 2011, ICANN further opened the market and allowed corporations across the world to register their own domain names and gTLDs like .car, .app, .law, .music were allowed. Many of such domain names are now generically available. Over 15 Indian businesses had applied for various domain extensions and now they are slowly becoming available to general public.

Infibeam’s choice of .OOO gTLD is quite interesting – one would have thought being an eCommerce company they would have taken something that was closer to eCommerce business. However, they have gone for something completely different, which many may find attractive.

Although, in their pitch Infibeam says that, “The .OOO top-level domain (TLD) is dedicated for any entity launching or expanding an e-commerce venture. .OOO open opportunities for selling things online and offline. This Domain Extension .OOO will set you apart from your competitors.”

Owning a separate gTLD is quite costly  – Companies had to first pay ICANN $1,85,000 for the application and then depending on the competition, the price goes even higher. Also, to maintain the domain name, companies are needed to pay $25,000 as annual renewal fees.

In our view, Infibeam is looking at it as a different business. They plan to recover the amount by making it generally available for everyone. Only time will tell if .OOO gTLD will get popular or not.

We tried to find where .OOO is currently available during sunrise period, and we can across only one domain registrar who had it – From the details given on the website it seems that domain will be generally available for price of USD 29.99.

What do you think? Do you .OOO attractive for your eCommerce business or will you go for traditional .com, or you think something like a .eCOM will be more attractive?

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  1. Janak Kumar Yadav says

    Interesting TLD!! never thought of something like .ooo untill .xyz took off after Google’s eyes rested for it’s parent company’s website. .ooo seems promising being a mobile (keypad) friendly domain but I don’t think that it would be helful enough for a websites’s search engine ranking unlike famous .COM & .IN domains among Indians. Or Infibeam needs to aggressively promotes this domain so that huge number of users can play some role in making it go big.

  2. pawan says

    I want to buy this .ooo domain name where can i purchase in decent amount

  3. Manish Jashnani says

    I just purchased a .ooo domain. I think that a new TLD helps u to get the desired domain name. I wanna start a ecommerce venture in a year’s time. I got the domain name i wanted. So m happy. I also have domain names registered in .com n .in extensions. Will see which one is the best in year’s time n then decide.

  4. yogesh malik says

    I just can’t see how .OOO ( dot tripple O ) can devalue .COM in next few years. It might take another 10 years before you see any new TLD getting poplar.

  5. rahul patel says

    Domain name “dot-triple-O or .OOO”.
    That is good for new users and old also cos we can select our new domain with this action.
    So i have to know about for this iin brif.


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