Google To Subsidize Android One Handsets In India, To Invest Whopping 6000 Crore!


Android One

While reports that popped up yesterday stated that Google is investing as much as Rs. 100 crore to promote Android One in India, fresh reports from earlier today suggest that the figure is actually closer to $1 billion (or Rs. 6000 crore). [Source: BGR]

Did your head just explode? Mine sure did when I read the figure. A report claims that $1 billion is indeed the magic number that has been earmarked for Android One promotion in India.

Google will use this money not just to market devices under the Android One program in India, but also subsidize the devices so that Indian partners like Micromax, Karbonn, Spice, Celkon and Intex can sell them at lower prices.

Do you realise what this means? Not only will we see an explosion of ads marketing cheap Android One Smartphones from numerous partner companies, but Google will actually be spending money on making those devices cheaper for us. A $100 dream smartphone is set to become reality, not because the world has become a better place or because parts and components cost lesser, but because Google is pulling cash out of their own kitty to make us realize that dream.

So, what’s in it for Google?

But, in return, we give the Search Giant more personal data than ever. With the Android One program, Google is targeting the next 5 billion users in the world, and their ground zero is India.

With over a billion Android users, Google collects more personal data than any other listed private company in the world. And if 5 billion more users get on using Google Search, Google Maps, and various other apps from Google’s ecosystem, the company will make far more than a mere $1 billion that they are spending on realizing their big dream (not ours).

However, most of us aren’t going to even bother with what’s written above. Why would we? Getting a balanced Smartphone for such a low price is something that people on a tight budget only dreamt about. Not only is Google making their dream come true, but these devices will also be kept on the latest versions of Android, directly by Google. Could it get better? Read on.

The first Android One handset will come from Micromax and cost lesser than $100 or Rs. 6,000. For the price, you’re getting a 4.5-inch qHD (960 x 540) display, dual-SIM slots and a microSD card slots. MediaTek chipsets will be powering the said device. Not out of-the-world, but at that price a pretty good deal!

Would you be in line to buy a cheap yet powerful Android One handset?

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  3. Girish A says

    I still find Moto E more lucrative than MMX and Karbonn stuff. Google should have partnered with some standard companies which have better after-sales service. And yes, expect Samsung to hit back with some models in range of 7-8K with similar config.

    1. senthil says


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