Now You Can Buy Unofficial Google Cardboard VR Kit In India, Thanks To GeekyBuddha Games


Google Cardboard VR Kit

If you are techie/geek and followed Google I/O closely, there was something very interesting that Google handed out to their attendees – A DIY CardBoard Box that could be converted into a Virtual Reality headset.

Yes, the pre-cut card board box embedded with 2 lenses, could be converted into a Virtual Reality handset just by creating some folds and assembling it together. When a user places a smartphone in the front of the assembled cardboard, the viewer receives an immersive 3D experience comparable in many ways to more expensive hardware like the Oculus Rift.

Here is a demo:

Now for all those geeky heads and gadget-holics, this sure is something that they would like to get their hands on. Unfortunately, Google is not selling them and those card board kits were exclusively handed to people who attended the Google I/O event in USA.

But worry not, some really creative folks from Jodhpur based GeekyBudha Games have come up with an unofficial version of Google Cardboard VR kit and have put it up on their website for sale.

We spoke to Shree Kant Bohra of GeekyBuddha games and he told us that idea to create came to him seeing the amount of interest people had in this nifty little DIY gadget. He himself tried to buy it online and they cost upwards USD 25 (yeah, some people from Google I/O put it up online for sale), so he decided to go ahead create these kits himself.

While Google has given the entire process on how to build it , Individuals may find it difficult to pickup different things required to build it.

The kit created by Shree Kant is exact replica of Google’s kit as it is based on the exact design and cut-outs given by Google. Everything works exactly the same as the original Google kit. The only difference, Shree Kant told us, is that the 40mm lens used is from a different manufacturer. What’s more, the kit also carries a NFC tag which could be used as controller while playing games.

The unofficial version can be used with Google cardboard app and number of other 3D mobile games that have been built for using with virtual reality handsets.

The unofficial kits are priced at Rs. 1200 (about $20) and can be bought from here.

So, will you be ordering one?

  1. Rahul says

    Hi All,

    I am making glass for googlr cardboard Situated in delhi.


  2. […] year, we had shared how GeekyBuddha are using an unofficial version of Google cardboards to introduce virtual reality based games on their websites. Although Google are not selling these […]

  3. prabu says

    Rs.1200/- Too costly.. buy from…only Rs.430/-

  4. Santhosh says

    You can buy this for Rs.500 from
    here is te link

  5. vivek says

    I was in find of this kit just after I heard the announcement by Google. Finally I got it thank you arun for such type of updates

  6. Proj CardBoard says

    I found shop where you could buy Google Cardboar set to create it. They send it in 2 days.

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