CommonFloor Retina Brings Virtual Reality For Real Estate Buyers


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As per rough estimates, a typical first time buyer of real estate in India spends 6-12 months in searching the most suitable property and in the process travels close to 300 kms! Real estate is the most expensive purchase any middle class consumer will ever do, and every possible effort is made to make it perfect.

Understanding this problem, CommonFloor, an online platform to search real estate properties, have come up with a unique solution: Virtual Reality. Termed as CommonFloor Retina, this uses Google cardboard to bring virtual reality based property sightseeing, right at the consumer’s doorsteps.

What is CommonFloor Retina?

Commonfloor Retina

It is a type of virtual reality headset, based on DIY Google Cardboard. Made of lens, a magnet for navigation and cardboard, it can be quickly assembled to create a virtual reality headset, which can be used to view desired properties in 3D, without moving an inch.

Currently, this technology only works for these phones: Nexus 4 and above, MotoG 2nd Gen, Samsung Galaxy 4 and above, MotoX, Mi3, One Plus One etc.

Here is a video where CommonFloor customers are sharing their experience of using this technology to view properties.

Last year, we had shared how GeekyBuddha are using an unofficial version of Google cardboards to introduce virtual reality based games on their websites. Although Google are not selling these headsets, but they have shared the entire procedure of creating one on their portal, and even linked a special Stack Overflow thread for more community based assistance.

How Does It Work?

  • Step 1: Visit and fill in your details, requesting for the special headgear.
  • Step 2: Down the official Android app for Retina, and wait for the VR headset, which will be shipped to your home.
  • Step 3: Once the headset arrives, place your Android phone, open the apps, and start visiting your desired properties in 3D experience.

As some of the users shared, they can clearly see the properties in 360 degree mode: interiors and exteriors, even observing the sun and the winds!

As of now, the Sobha developers and Mantri Vantage has introduced their specific, project based apps in Google Playstore, which suggests that for every real estate project, a new app needs to be installed. As more and more real estate developers embrace this new technology, we may observe more project based apps.

Besides saving the time and resources for the consumers, this new innovation will also save developers from creating expensive model apartment.

In coming days, we may see the same technology in ecommerce portals as well. Once a user has the Google cardboard headset, and a supported Android phone, he can experience 3D based views of any product or service.

CommonFloor Retina is certainly a new beginning for Internet based businesses, as it brings the actual product nearer to the consumer, without spending a fortune.

Do share your views on this innovation: How can this technology be used in other ecommerce ventures and portals? Share your ideas by commenting right here!

  1. Abhinav says

    Goodness me that’s technology at it’s best. True that a person spends a lots of research for buying a real estate property and most of the time spend for travelling. This device with augumented reality really helps people to understand the properties without much expenses. Brilliant stuff, I wish luxury builders in Calicut like SuperStone Properties come up with these ideas

  2. VRcool says

    Totally bogus company. Putting its own name on pre made google cardboards.

  3. Ashish Bhatnagar says

    Cool phenomenon… just one little issue – for each developer one needs to install a specific app.

    BTW. Radiant Structures has also listed its app in Play Store. :P

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