FIFA #WorldCup Interactions Cross 1 Bln, Creates All Time Record On Facebook And Twitter


As per latest data coming in, 2014 FIFA World Cup has broken all records for social media engagement and interactions. On Facebook, more than 200 million soccer fans have already had 1 billion+ interactions, breaking all existing records of social media usage.

And little more than half of world cup has been experienced till now.

As per a recent findings, it was found that soccer fans on Facebook have posted updates, liked and shared soccer related content for 1 billion times till date, which has made this 2014 FIFA Worldcup as the most ‘talked about’ event in the history of Facebook.

According to a infographic released by Crowdtap, 3 out of 4 people will be on Social Media while watching #WorldCup games.

Social Side of World Cup

Between June 12 and June 30, 220 million Facebook users accomplished 1 billion+ interactions such as likes, posts, shares etc.

Nick Grudin, Facebook’s director of partnerships said, “People are having conversations on Facebook about what they watch in a really unprecedented scale. In addition to sharing and connecting with friends, people are engaging in real time with the media and the public voices they care about most.”

What Are They Talking About?

The most interesting aspect of this finding is that, 7 out of 10 posts related to soccer are initiated via mobile device.

This proves that the interactions are happening live: people are sharing, commenting, criticizing real time, as they watch the match. In a way, it’s a direct diversion of attention from TV telecast to social network, in a scale which has not been observed before.

The first week of Football worldcup witnessed 459 million interactions on Facebook, which was more than the combined viewership of America’s most watched sports event: Super Bowl, Sochi Winder Olympics and Oscar Awards!

As the competition progressed to knockout stages, these numbers suddenly exploded, making it almost double by the time June finished.

Brazil Vs Chile: Igniting Emotions Globally

Last Saturday’s Brazil vs Chile match ignited unprecedented emotions and sentiments across the social network as more than 30 million Facebook users posted 75 million+ interactions in real time, during the match.

Here is a real time map of Twitter interactions happening all over the world during this nail biting match:

(Source )

As per Twitter data, this match witnessed 389,000 Tweets per minute during peak time when Gonzala Jara missed a penalty kick. This Tweets Per Minute count has eclipsed all sporting records on Twitter. With 16.4 million Tweets being generated during this match, it has become the most talked about match in the whole tournament as of now.

And imagine, the best of the #WorldCup is yet to start!

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