[Updated] Vicky.in Launches India’s first Used Bike Valuation Tool


Vicky.in, one of the leading Indian car & bike portal has today announced launch of Indian’s first used bike valuation tool. The new service allows one and all to evaluate the market price of their old two wheeler an a jiffy.

Using the new tool, consumers can avoid getting cheated by brokers and agents, and instead get the right price for their beloved vehicle on two wheels. This is unlike the car industry, where several established outlets give users a fair price on their old vehicles, which are then sold after being refurbished, or taken apart for parts.

Vicky Used Car Bike Evaluation

Consumers who are looking to get their old two wheeler evaluated need not wait for long. Vicky.in, with its extensive database that covers most models from almost every major two wheeler manufacturer, can supply a complete evaluation within seconds.

All you got to do is fill in a few, admittedly simple details – make, model, mileage and year of manufacturer – of your vehicle, and you’re good to go.

Market Potential

“India has the world’s second largest two wheeler industry”, says Mr.Karthick Annamalai, Co-Founder of Vicky.in. However, it is “yet to have reliable re-sale valuation mechanism. Customers have to fiddle with brokers to know the resale value of their bike.”

This is where Annamalai saw a huge potential market, just waiting to be tapped. Not only is there copious amounts of money to be made, but the bike evaluation tool actually makes the life of second-hand sellers easier by simplifying the process of selling/exchanging/buying a two wheeler in India.

Perhaps the best part about all this is that Vicky.in will provide their new tool free of cost to end customers. Only dealers will have an option for a paid subscription, but not without its own benefits. The subscription gives access to customized plans, which can be tailored to suit a dealer’s needs.

But one thing we did not like about this valuation tool…

The valuation tool not only asks for your name and email address, but also for your mobile number. It was ok, if it was kept optional, however, it is a compulsory to enter your mobile number for getting the results.

Obviously, Vicky.in is offering this tool to users as it generates leads for them. The mobile numbers will be shared with dealers who deal with used bikes. You will never know with whom these mobile numbers are shared with, as there is no privacy policy listed as well!

That is a pretty big turn off in our view.


Response From Vicky.in:

Regarding your feedback on collecting the user details, wanted to share my view points on the same.
As a policy, we are very much against sharing the users info with any of the external agencies without our user’s consent. So all the users information will be completely safe and will not be shared with any external agencies.
We are collecting the users details primarily for two reasons.
1) By having the users info, within Vicky.in, we will able to give customized solutions depends on the users need.2) We would like the Valuation tool to be FREE for individual for ever without any limitations and feature restrictions . But at the same time, we would like to restrict any attempt of misusing the tool , including data crawling etc , as it will affect the entire service. By having the minimal information about the users, our system will be able to restrict any such attempts.

Also as suggested by you,  our team is working to include this details in the Privacy policy so that it will be much clear for the users. Thanks again for your time in evaluating the tool.
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  1. Arun Thomas says

    Just wondering how this is the first in India ? Bikes4Sale had launched a similar one a few years back.

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