SlideRule, A One Stop Destination For Best Online Courses Available On The Web


We live in a time when learning is no more associated with just getting a degree in your college. Sure it used to mean actual learning before but in an era of online education it even means to learn for fun.

Deemed universities alongside online education startups like Coursera or Udemy are reaching out to the online population who are willing to learn. And once that much of information is available online good things are going to happen.

However, the problem with internet and almost anything to it is the unorganized and fragmented. Since you can’t get everything everywhere or all the best things in one place, you got to be everywhere. This is when things get overwhelming. With MOOCs growing leaps and bounds over last couple of years, a need for a good search engine for MOOCs was felt.

SlideRule does exactly that for you, that too in a very elegant manner. Sliderule could also be termed as Aggregator of MOOCs, where learners can find all the online courses available from different providers, all in one place!


The startup aims to be the one stop search engine for all the best online courses available. From learning python, data analysis, or simply personal development skills, SlideRule will help you find the best courses there are.

The course provider list includes some popular names like Coursera, Udemy, Codeschool, Codeacademy, Lynda, Tuts+ and also authoritative sources like MIT, Yale university etc.

Another great feature of SlideRule are the Learning Paths, which are detailed guides on specific topics. It describes and enlists all the necessary courses and education you need to take to learn the topic and where to find them.

The Startup was co-fouded by Parul Gupta and Gautam Tambay. While both were frequent learners of online education, they felt the need of a unified space to have all the information. The company is based out in US, however, most of the employees are operating from India.

The startup has a unique start unlike most. They got their first big break on the very first day of their launch, when a Wharton prof, mailed his 40000 strong online student about the startup. This is certainly the best thing to happen and they took it in their stride and is growing this far. They have recently finished their seed funding stage. The startup launched its first prototype in July 2013 and they currently earn based on the affiliate model. The app is planned to scale and compliment the service with more interesting features.

Give SlideRule a try and let us know what you feel!

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