HP Launches Helion For Enterprise Cloud Services, Plans to Invest $1 Billion


HP has announced the launch of Helion Cloud Computing services, especially for the ever burgeoning enterprise market. Comprising an interesting mixture of public, private and hybrid Cloud model, Helion is all set to be unleash superior technology and faster delivery to give world class performance.

Based on the platform of OpenStack technology, Helion will embed all existing Cloud services offered by HP, along with OpenStack enabled professional and support services, which would be offered under a unified portfolio, catering to enterprise needs of all types of businesses.

OpenStack is a open source cloud computing platform, which is primarily used to deliver Infrastructure as a Service solution for all types of businesses. HP is the main contributor for OpenStack based solutions.

HP Helion Openstack Cloud Services

HP Helion Managed Cloud Services portfolio consists of:

  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • HP Mobility and Workplace Applications
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Industry Solutions
  • Cloud Professional Services

Additionally, HP plans to invest $1 billion in the next two years to expand and promote Helion services all over the world. HP (Asia Pacific & Japan) VP and General Manager Cloud Division Aman Dokania said, “HP plans to invest more than USD 1 billion over the next two years on cloud-related product and engineering initiatives, professional services and expanding HP Helion’s global reach,”

However, the marketing team behind Helion has done its homework well, and to start with, they are strictly focusing on one niche: Indian Telecom industry.

HP (Asia Pacific & Japan) Director Sales Cloud Division Ramachandran V said that Indian telecom firms are the major adaptors of Enterprise Cloud computing, and added that, “We would like to work with two-or three of the leading players in the market,”

India is right now at a very exciting stage of Cloud Computing, as its all set to breach $4.5 billion market size by 2016. Microsoft is already expanding it’s base via its Azure Cloud Computing for small and medium scale businesses. It seems HP has played it’s cards really well to target a niche segment, where there are very few big players. .

Initially, HP Helion will be available globally via partner network of more than 110 service providers all over the world and via HP Data Centers. Additionally, they have made a comprehensive plan to distribute and implement Helion at 18 of the biggest data centers all over the globe.

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