Honda Activa Beats Splendor To Become India’s Best Selling Two-Wheeler


It seems India’s fascination with motor bikes is now lowering down as more and more Indians are preferring motor scooters. In a recent market research, it has been revealed that Honda Activa is now India’s best selling two wheeler.

Earlier it was Hero Splendor, the two wheeler motor bike which was preferred by more Indians than anything else. But now Activa has overtaken Splendor.

Last year in March, Honda was able to sell 108,815 units of Activa, which has gone up to 179,956 units in March, 2014. Compared to Hero Splendor, Activa has a decent lead of 13,000 units which makes it India’s best selling two wheeler.

Honda Activa

Overall, more than 1 crore Indians – both males and females are using Honda Activa as of now, which makes it the largest selling 2-wheeler in one single country, anywhere in the world.

Mr. Yadvinder S. Guleria- Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India said, “We are excited that Honda Activa has once again become the highest selling two-wheeler of India in March’14 after Sept’13. This clearly indicates that Activa is exponentially getting acceptance as the most preferred choice of two-wheeler for commuting in the country. We are proud to share that Activa is now strongly making inroads in Tier-2 towns and beyond. Every month lacs of Indian families are choosing Activa over any other 2Wheeler. The success of revolutionary HET in our automatic scooters is further reaffirming Honda as the technology and mileage leader in automatic scooter segment.”

Earlier this month, Honda had reported that it has witnessed 55% direct growth in their 2-wheeler sales all over the country. They were able to sell 3,92,148 units in March, 2014 compared to 2,52,787 units during the same period last year.

Motor bikes registered an increase of 57 per cent at 1,90,091 units in March, 2014 as compared to 1,20,796 units last year. On the same hand, motor scooters (Activa/Deo) registered 53 per cent increase 2,02,057 units from 1,31,991 units in March, 2013.

Yesterday, Honda also announced that their new Activa at 128 CC power, priced at Rs 52,447 would be officially launched on April 28th, 2014.

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  1. [email protected] says

    Excellent, It is true only a Honda can over take another Honda – ie HeroHonda Splendor. People know the quality behind honda engines, even kinetic honda rocked the 90s.

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