The Fantastic Four Indians Who Made It To TIME’s Top 100


Few days back we featured the TIME’s Reader’s Poll results where the anti-corruption crusader Mr Aravind Kejriwal and the frontrunner prime ministerial candidate Mr Narendra Modi made it to the top of the list.

However, it was time for the editors of TIME magazine to have a say on it. And they have spoken. We hereby present you the prestigious four Indians who were included the final list of Time’s Top 100.



Narendra Modi (Category: Leader)

In a country desperate to revive its economic status and stricken by dearth of jobs, an aggressive decision maker and an economic reformer like Narendra Modi has seen his rise unabated. However, his controversial image of a divisive leader sentiment still makes him a strong matter of debate for the country’s billion minds.

Although given a clean chit on multiple occasions, a group of people can’t take him in good will for Gujarat communal riots. Nonetheless, India is poised to take control of the currency inflation and if sentiment analysis is to be believed, majority of the desperate population is banking on Modi to see a change in country’s economic growth.

Arundhati Roy (Category: Icon)

Best known for her Man Booker prize for fiction novel God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy is a noted Indian writer and political activist. She faced ire of major political parties for her controversial pieces circling around major state matters like the Pokhran Nuclear test, the separate Kashmir, the Naxalite movements and many more.

In a more recent writing she expressed discomfort in seeing Narendra Modi as the prime minister of India and termed it as tragedy if that is to happen. All said, Roy is an revered by her contemporaries around the world. She demonstrates a combined fearlessness and intelligence in voicing her opinions giving it a sharpness and edge no one dare ignore if not accept.

Arunachalam Muruganantham (Category: Pioneer)

A perfect example of determination and dedication to a purpose, this man’s invention has changed the lives of Indian woman. One day he found out about the unhygienic rags her wife used during menstrual cycle to save on money that she needed to spend on costly sanitary pads sold by known brands. Driven by the motivation to make a cheap and hygienic sanitary pad for woman he took up the challenge.

After two long years and being estranged by society (and family) over his weird interest and activities over a seemingly forbidden subject in India, he finally built a device that can make sanitary pads at a much subsidized cost affordable by the rural woman. He got the much needed media fame after winning National Innovation Foundation’s Grassroots Technological Innovations Award in 2006. He took money and started Jayaashree Industries which currently markets the machine all over India and also helps woman self help groups earn a living from using the machine as their livelihood. A well acclaimed speaker, he has delivered speeches at IIT Mumbai, IIM Ahmedabad, Harvard and TED talks.

Amit Virmani’s documentary “Menstrual Man” that won a lot of awards was based on his story. A social entrepreneur Arunachalam is an ideal inclusion in the TIME’s list.

Arvind Kejriwal (Category: Pioneer)

Among the youngest five in the whole list Arvind Kejriwal wants to bring a much desired change in Indian administration. While heavy weights are rallying for economic growth and woman empowerment, Arvind wants to do away with corruption in politics and administrative process in India which remains as a bane since the days free India was built. The cure is a herculean task and hence taken up by an ex-IIT grad and civil service servant who gave up a life of abundance to bring a radical change in Indian politics.

He shot to fame while campaigning alongside Anna Hazare, another anti-corruption crusader. Later formed a part Aam Aadmi Party (Common People Party) to contest in the elections. He was selected as the chief of the political capital of world’s biggest electorate. However, Kejriwal government lasted for just 49 days which has tagged him as an inconsistent leader by many.

Kejriwal surely commands very intense support and rejection as well. While many stand by him for his sacrifice and a ever essential agenda many are still sour about his two faced statements and failure to stick to chair to deliver his promises. Although, Kejriwal’s rise as a mass leader, who shows promises to cure the corruption plaguing India, is phenomenal. He still have the tougher task to convince Indian population who hates to get fooled again.

As TIME’s say, he aptly is “a David against many Goliaths”.

A country as big as India has many other potential talents to be on this list. So as a responsible citizen of India, we would love to hear from your verdicts too.

Share with us about the people who you think would have been a fit in the list and your views on these four in the list already.

  1. Ritu Anand says

    I was rooting for Arvind Kerjiwal, until I heard his response to Khap Panchayats. Any human being who is going to be in a position of power and willingly looks the other way, where Khap Panchayats are concerned….needs his head re-examined. Corruption is a very big issue, I agree but so are the Khap Panchayats. I give my thumb down now to Arvind Kerjiwal….unless he corrects his thinking and his attitude about priorities this nation needs to attend to.

  2. fakhre alam says

    please change the naming order
    1- Arvind kejriwal
    2- Arundhati Roy
    3-Arunachalam Muruganantham
    4-Narendra Modi

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