IRCTC E-Wallet A Failure? Only 32k Users Registered For It Since Nov


Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) had launched their E-Wallet feature in November 2013 with much fanfare. It was done so to ease the payment issues faced by users while booking their tickets on IRCTC website.

However, looks like, very few have actually registered for this e-wallet feature since launch 4 months back. Only 32,000 passengers have registered for it till date.

IRCTC ewallet

The IRCTC e-wallet scheme allowed passengers to first deposit a fixed amount with IRCTC through Credit/Debit, netbanking or other payment means available on the site. Once, the user account had e-wallet deposit, tickets could easily be purchased online using the balance in the account. So, everytime a user had to make a payment, they did not have any need to go to a third party payment gateway, where the chances of payment failures are high and also took much more time.

With e-wallet service, IRCTC planned to simplify the entire payment procedures.

In our view, the e-wallet feature is quite  useful to passengers who travel by Indian railways frequently. But very few seem to have taken advantage of this. A paltry 76,000 tickets [source] have been booked using e-wallet since it’s launch. While the usage is increased over time (from 250 to 750 ticket bookings a day), it still remains small fraction of overall tickets sold on IRCTC website.

Recently, IRCTC set a record of 5.8 lakh ticket bookings in a day. Their daily average is around 4.63 lakh tickets. If you consider these numbers, it is quite clear that e-wallet feature is a huge failure.

Why People Don’t Use E-Wallet Feature?

There is no doubt that E-Wallet is a great feature for passengers as the time taken to book tickets reduces and rate of success if much higher. Even then, why so less people are actually using it?

In my view, IRCTC has not done a good job of marketing it. Very few people are aware of it. Registering for E-Wallet feature is also tad difficult, where they need to give their PAN number, create transaction password among other things. Most people will not go out of their comfort zone to create a new account and start using it.

Most importantly, e-wallet feature is not available for Tatkal bookings, which is the time such a service is really needed, but not available. If e-wallet becomes available during Tatkal bookings, I am sure the registrations will go up drastically!

Alos, most people don’t want to first deposit the money with IRCTC and then start using it. They would rather pay exact amount of money while booking the ticket rather than pay a bigger fixed amount before hand.

What do you think? Why IRCTC e-wallet has seen such less numbers?

  1. Suvidha says

    IRCTC Fraud, blocking money, not user friendly, OTP will come after 100 years

  2. Prakash says

    Hopeless…Disappointing……wallet creation charges….Money deposit charges…..wallet usage charges…most worst then also you have to wait for OTP…ITRC SHOULD STOP IMMEDIATELY THIS FEATUR STOP MAKING FOOL TO INNOCENT PEOPLE

  3. Prakash says

    Hopeless…Disappointing……wallet creation charges….Money deposit charges…..wallet usage charges…most worst then also you have to wait for OTP…ITRC SHOULD STOP IMMEDIATELY THIS FEATURE IMMEDIATELY TO MAKING FOOL TO INNOCENT PEOPLE

  4. Harshit Srivastava says

    I just now credited money to ewallet, payment successful. All Good. Then I tried booking a ticket, after giving transaction password for ewallet it asks for otp. OTP came soon. Guess what. Payment Failure. There are failures in ewallet also… The problem doesnt ends here, there is no refund yet, in the Refund option this transaction is unavailable… Think will need to call customer care after waiting for some time… If this wallet cannot be used for tatkal bookings its really useless…

  5. Saravanan A says

    The issue with e-Wallet is that for the deposit amount to e-wallet is also treated like booking a ticket Banker or PG, thus it deducts same service changes. As the payment goes to IRCTC. This is a huge drawback. As you would end up paying the fee twice, from e-wallet also they deduct Rs.5. I did not find any difference like using IMPS there also they charge Rs.5.

    Moreover in NextGen IRTC website this option is not there. Thus users registed for this wallet is re-directed to the painful old site. There is no way to switch to new site. Unless we create a different user id with new username/mobile/e-mail. This facility needs to be available in new-site.

    Also blocked from 8AM to 12PM is yet another drawback, which you have mentioned.

  6. Hariram says

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  7. shiv says

    E wallet should. Be allowed. For tatkal bookings
    That is the main drawback of this scheme

  8. Hariram says

    Main reasons for Ewallet’s failure: (1) IRCTC charges Rs.5 as transaction fees. Why, Money is already deposited in IRCTC account, then why again he charges Rs.5? (2) No withdrawal is possible from eWallet. Why? If person deposited Rs.5000 and suitable tickets can’t be booked. He want to get back his money, but IRCTC will not allow to withdraw. Why? (3) IRCTC not paying any interest on balance in eWallet. Why? (4) When a persons cancels a ticket, his refund money is credited to eWallet after 2 to 3 days. As usually credited to Bank/Credit Card Accounts. Why not immediately? A person deposited Rs.5000. He cant get Reservation of Waitlisted tickets (in 2nd AC Paid Rs.4987), He cancels the ticket. Any like to book in other Trains. He has to deposit more Rs.5000 again, as refund will be credited in eWallet after 2 days normally. IRCTC must change above disappointing rules.

  9. Dilip Hande says

    I would like to know refund of the money deposited in ewallet reservation.

  10. Hitech says

    Yes, it is a failure. I wish I had not wasted Rs. 250 as its registration fee, which is non-refundable. It is equally slow as other modes. And I cease to understand why it deducts additional Rs. 11 from my bank account apart from the money I deposit for ticket booking, when I have already paid Rs 250 for its registration.

    Through net banking, the extra amount deducted is around 25 Rs. while through eWallet, it cost me additional Rs. 16, giving me a benefit of Rs. 9 and a little bit of time. However, this benefit is like making you fool considering the fact that you have already deposited 250 bucks for its registration in this useless service.

    Another let down is that you have to deposit money in multiples of 100. So if you have to pay, say Rs. 755 then you are compelled to pay Rs. 700 (if at least Rs. 55 are already there in your eWallet account), else pay Rs. 800. You never know when you are to book the ticket next time. Until then, the remaining amount is just a waste for you.

  11. santhosh says

    Ya, its really a failure……

  12. pradip says

    It’s lyk a glass half filld or hlf empty…hw u luk at it. D schm ws launchd in mid-nov’13…it hs nw mor thn 32k users…daily bookin of around 750 tkts thru it..thts encouraging goin by d human psychology of treading cautiously on anythng new. D booking on IRCTC websyt ws less thn 50 tkt on d frst day of its launchin in 2002…it ws less thn 1L daily till 2008, whch hs nw evn touchd 5.8L a day. So, its only tym whn e-wallet wl b d preferrd mode of paymnt in etktng.

    Its nt tru tht one hs to keep lrg sum of mony depositd wth IRCTC fr ths schm..
    One can hv a zero balanc too n top up his account bfor buyin tkt…its only u hv to register fr ths schm, thts all. D benefit, ease n success rate of booking thru e-wallet are enormous; d refund comes to d account instntly. So, thrs no reason why d schm wl nt b popular

    1. Naveen M says

      The number of tickets books during the time of tatkal is almost 70% and this evallet is not useful for that. So how can we expect to be popular and can be used?

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