IRCTC Launches E-Wallet Feature To Ease Ticket Booking


Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) website has added a new feature that aims at easing the issues faced by ticket buyers on the site.

IRCTC e-wallet is similar to other wallet services available with other websites – the basic premise remains the same where user first deposits an amount with IRCTC through Credit/Debit, netbanking or other means available on the site. Once, the user account has e-wallet deposit, tickets can be purchased online using the balance in the account.

Given the woes faced by ticket buyers on IRCTC site, this may prove to be very useful, as the users will not have failed transactions, which were primarily caused during the payment authorization process. Infact, during peak hours many times users faced the issue where the money was debited from their bank account but the ticket never got book. And then there is a perennial problem of session getting expired, due to which the user had to start the entire process of booking the ticket all over again.

Booking through e-wallet promises eliminate all those issues, as the payment authorization will take place on IRCTC servers itself, making the process much faster and easier for the users. In addition to this, users can deposit upto Rs. 5000 at one go into e-wallet, so frequent users will be able to make multiple bookings without having to go through existing tedious payment authorization process.

How to create and use e-wallet account

  • Once user logs into IRCTC website, they will be given a link to register for e-wallet scheme.
  • User then registers along with their PAN Card number and creates a transaction password.Pan Card IRCTC website
  • The user will then get an email of successful e-wallet registration and instructions for money deposit.
  • To deposit the amount in the eWallet account user will need to click to ‘eWallet DEPOSIT’ link on the left navigation bar. The user will need to then fill the amount to be deposited and reconfirm the same account. The amount has to be between Rs. 100 to Rs. 5000. ewallet deposits
  • Once the amount is deposited, user will get an option called “e-wallet” during the ticket booking process, using which they can book the tickets.
  • User will need to provide their transaction password everytime payment has to be made through e-wallet.
  • For every e-Wallet transaction an additional eWallet Transaction charge of Rs 5/- will be collected and booking will be allowed only when ticket amount is less than the balance amount.
    See the entire IRCTC eWallet booking process here.

In my view, it is a great new addition to IRCTC website and should surely ease the ticket booking process.

Give it a try, and let us know what you think of this new IRCTC eWallet feature!

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  3. Gyani Namdeo says

    To register on e-wallet i paid 250+ST. To transfer rs 7000 to e-wallet i paid 20+ rs changes. then to book ticket still irctc imposes there service charges. plus i need to pay ewallet chages..
    M surpriced that when i do the transaction with bank i dont pay so much.. but using ewallet is another shit where i am paying at each stage..
    My ticket cost is just 1600 and i have to pay 2000+ to avail this.. if i go with bank transaction only its irctc service charge+bank fee of rs.. and on top of that whatever i pay in ewallet i dont get an interest..


    limit of max 5000 amount is not suitable for booking of 2AC tickets of family more than 03 people so it should be increase to max rs 20000 and interest should be provided otherwise the charges rs 5 for purchase of ticket should not taken from customer

  5. Robert says

    If you want to buy cheap online tickets then you should buy tickets by using the online ticketing comparison sites.

  6. vijesh says

    Is this move from IRCTC has something to do with its eCommerce site it had launched recently? I wish this eWallet won’t carry its currency to the eCommerce store…

  7. Tarun Surana says

    I don’t understand how this limit of deposit of Rs. 5000 came? You can’t book even 2 tickets in 2AC for routes like Mumbai – Howrah or Delhi – Bangalore as fares are for 2 people is more than Rs.5000

    This limit should be at least 35,000 to 40,000 so that even if i book tickets for family of 6 people in 2AC for longest routes, it will be sufficient

  8. IRCTC says

    It is waste of money if we cannot book tatkal ticket with this scheme.

  9. Srinivasan R says

    Additional Rs.5 for e-wallet transactions? They already have a service charge, why the additional Rs.5?
    And whats with the Rs.250 for registration? They already earn good interest for the money we keep in the e-wallet, why do they need to put in more extra charges?

    All this extra money and the service isn’t improved a bit. I understand that they are trying to make things easy for booking a ticket. But they are also trying to earn as much as possible with all the ads, e-commerce sites, etc. Why do they sell my eyeballs to advertisers, when I am a paying customer. Its not like we get discounts for seeing the ads. No other web service shows advertisements for its paying customers.

    Why can’t IRCTC do one thing only and do it well?

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