Google+ Starts Offering Profile & Content Views To Users


Google has introduced a new feature on its social networking platform: Google+, which enables everyone to see how many views any profile or page has received till now.

This new update was shared via an official Google post.

You can see the total number of views on your profile by going to the “Profile” tab and watching the number just below your profile picture. For, here is the number: Google  Views

In case you want to disable this feature on your profile, then simply follow these steps:


As per the post, the views on any profile has been recorded since October 2012.

Unlike Facebook, Google+ shows very little analytics data for the profiles and company pages. Only recently, they had integrated Google Analytics stats under the Google+ Admin dashboard. Now, as the total number of views can be seen on Google+ itself, it is being assumed that Google Analytics can also be used to view Google+ traffic and hits for any profile or company page.

Several experts are viewing this update as a direct response to Twitter, which has recently introduced a feature on its iOS app wherein we can see how many views a Tweet has received.

The total number of views on your Google+ profile page includes views for all the content you have shared since October 2012, which includes posts, images, videos etc.

Google+, which was launched in 2011 with an invite only system. Right now, Google+ is the second largest social network in the world after Facebook with its 540 million accounts. As per a 2013 survey, 30% of surveyed smartphone users use Google+ atleast once a month and 92% of all US based smartphone users had visited either or Google+ page from their smartphones.

As per Google, 300 million users are active on Google+ at any point of time (2013 survey)

Lately, Google has been quite aggressive in promoting Google+ among the young users, who are quitting Facebook due to privacy issues. They have introduced several features in their Google+ ecosystem such as:

  • Integration of Youtube comments with Google+
  • Allowed company page admins to email their followers
  • Added more features in their “Circle” format of segregating followers and friends

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