5 Free Mobile Apps For Safety Of Indian Women [Happy Women’s Day]


Today is International Women’s Day, and we here at Trak.in wish all our female readers a very Happy Women’s Day!

In India, women safety is one of the most talked about topics, especially in cities like Delhi, where rapes and murders of women make frequent news headlines.

Smartphones have now gone mainstream, and they have helped us to improve our lives in many ways. Even in women safety, they can play a major role in avoiding untoward incidences.

So, on Women’s day, we bring you 5 free mobile apps that women should consider installing on their smartphones to keep themselves safe in all situations.


SOS Stay Safe

SOS Stay Safe

SOS – Stay Safe! is a personal safety application that empowers any individual against acts of violence, and helps summon aid in any kind of emergency. It lets you send out SOS alerts to friends and family quickly, as soon as you sense danger.

The alert can be simply triggered by shaking the device using a customizable shake limit. SOS – Stay Safe! can be extremely useful in a wide range of dangerous scenarios ranging from sexual harassment or in case of medical emergencies like heart failure.

Download SOS-Stay Safe! App from Play Store.

VithU: V Gumrah Initiative


This app created by Star India, has been widely advertised on their channels and has over half a million downloads till date.

Like SOS, VithU, is also an emergency App that, at the click of the power button (2 times consecutively) begins sending out alert messages every 2 minutes to your contacts that you feed into the app as the designated receivers or guardians.

The message that goes out simply says “I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location.”

The receiver will receive a link to your location every 2 minutes giving them your updated location tracked by GPS. Also, the app gives out updates on the Crime Scene in India and a “Tips Feed” option exclusively giving the user safety tips in an emergency situation.

Additionally, being created by a TV channel, users of this app can share the incident with Channel V by posting it in the “Submit Your Story” option in the Menu Bar.

Download VithU App from Play Store

Nirbhaya: Be Fearless

Nirbhaya Be Fearless

Like previous 2 apps, “Nirbhaya: Be Fearless” is also a free emergency app on Android, which can send a distress call or emergency message to a specified contact or group in an emergency situation faced by a woman or any other individual in general.

However, Nirbhaya app does have some extra features which include Geo Fence and Unsafe are alerts(These are areas marked as unsafe, and alerts are sent out when app users are in vicinity of that area). It also has option to use either the power button or shake, both of which can send out SOS messages.

Download Nirbhaya App from Play Store



Recently launched YATRAMiTR app is primarily a dynamic GPS and GPRS based auto-fare calculator, which also has women safety and emergency alert features.

Anyone who has YATRAMiTR installed on their smartphones will be able to calculate the exact distance of the travel along with exact calculation of fare when you are traveling by an Auto-Rickshaw.

From safety perspective this app enables the user’s location to be viewed through a browser by their family or friends. The inbuilt alert system will not only send out an SMS with user’s current location but also keep constant track of the path to numbers saved in the app’s contact list. The app provides a panic or danger button, when pressed, will send emergency alert SMS to designated contacts.

Download YATRAMiTR from Play Store

Woman Safety Shield Protection

Woman Safety Shield Protection

Developed by SmartShehar.com, “Woman Safety Shield Protection” app has the same premise as other emergency apps, however, it offers some additional features.

The app allows you to click a photograph of the situation, whether you are yourself in an emergency, or something is happening around you. When you click a photo through the app, it gets sent immediately to designated emergency contacts. The location is sent as an SMS and the picture is emailed to them.

This app can be useful even if you are just a bystander and are witnessing a crime in progress. This picture can be used by the police to apprehend and convict the perpetrators.

Download “Women Safety Sheild Protection” from Play Store

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  3. Anubhav says

    There are many applications with these features….Citizen COP is also among them… but it stands ahead of rest. How can your friend reach to you in real-time when you are 15-20 KM distant. some might not be able to get or check your SOS SMS. But when you need real help… Police can be near you…Citizen COP lets you send SOS message direct to police Control Room along with your friends, which can let a Police PCR Van reach to you with in few minutes.

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