Sandisk Introduces World’s First 128 GB microSD Card


Imagine saying to someone 15 years ago that you can hold a million books or 16 hours of HD video/ 7500 songs or 3000 photos on your finger nail, he would have laughed his heart out. But not anymore as SanDisk has made it possible now.

SanDisk has introduced world’s first 128 GB microSD memory card, which can easily store any one of these above mentioned data quantity quite easily. This can be termed as a huge leap for technology as 10 years ago, world’s first microSD card was introduced which had a memory space of just 128 MB.

sandisk_Ultra MicroSD Card

Target: Android Users

SanDisk has played their card quite well, as they have targeted only Android users for this storage extravaganza. The Class 10 SDXC UHC-1 Sandisk Ultra card will deliver twice the speed of a standard SD card, and has been designed specifically for Android smartphones and tablets. In fact, it will have compatibility with any device capable of interfacing with an SDXC card.

SanDisk Ultra microSDXC card works by stacking 16 memory dies vertically, with each thinner than a single hair making room for more storage as 128 GB has been allowed to fit inside the confined space of a MicroSD card which is not bigger than a fingernail. See how this chip was made.

“With 128GB of removable storage, consumers will enjoy the freedom to capture and save whatever they want on a smartphone or tablet, without worrying about running out of storage space”, said Susan Park who is Sandisk director of retail product marketing.

The super microSD card provides Class 10 performance for recording full HD video. Additionally, the card is:

  • Water Proof
  • Temperature Proof
  • X-Ray Proof
  • Magnet Proof
  • Shock Proof

It also comes with a SD Adaptor for digital camera compatibility.

Earlier in the month, SanDisk had announced world’s fastest microSD card: Sandisk Extreme Pro SDHC/SDXC UHS-II Card which can deliver 250MBps data transfer speed in burst mode and 280MBps under optimum conditions. FujiFilm was very quick to adapt as they announced the first digital camera: X-T1 which is capable of syncing with UHS-II standard.

SanDisk has already contacted Guinness Book of World Records for recording these two feats.

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  1. Rahul Sharma says

    Wow 128 GB MicroSD card, before a couple of year no one could even imagine an SD card with 128GB capacity. technology is getting bigger every day, let’s see what next is waiting to be launched.
    Thanks for this information.

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