Micromax Enters Russian Markets With Canvas Beat A114R & Canvas Social A94 Smartphones


Micromax had set in motion its plans for global expansion for some time now. They have had a tremendous growth in India and they are the biggest Indian brand in the market here. In fact, they are now the 11th largest mobile company in the world and 2nd largest in India in terms of handset sales.

Recently, they had signed actor Hugh Jackman who has an international presence. This alone shows how serious they are in there endeavor to become a global company.

However, until now, they had not launched any phones in any developed market. This changes with Micromax’s launch of two of its smartphones in the Russian Market.

The two phones are Canvas Beat A114R and Canvas social A94. These phones are the variations of Canvas 2.2 and Canvas MAd smartphones which are already present in India.

The phones are listed on their Russian site.

Micromax RUssia

Tech Specs Canvas Beat Canvas Social
Processor 1.2 GHz Quad core Broadcom BCM23550 Processor 1.2 GHz Quad core Broadcom BCM23550 Processor
RAM 1 GB 512 MB
Battery 2000 mAh 1800mAh
Screen 5″ qHD 4.5″ IPS
Camera 8 MP rear 5 MP rear

The company has partnered with VVP group for device distribution. Also, they have tied up with some of the popular social networks (Odnoklassniki and IVI.ru) in Russia to provide Russia oriented content for the smartphones users.

In addition to this, Micromax has plans to rise to one of the top brands in Russia. It has already setup its service centres in the country and plans to launch as many as 14 smartphones in 2014.

These phones should give them some serious traction in the country provided they are able to give good services and market the phones right.

Their marketing has been one of the key factors in their success in the country and if a similar aggressive and cheeky marketing continues in Russia, it would be an interesting development to watch.

The most important question however is-

Will its image in India change once Micromax has become a global company?”

I know it might not be in many people’s mind but I can’t help but think whether the approval of foreign countries will improve the company’s standing in its own.

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