Overview of Anti Corruption Helplines In Different States of India


Corruption is one of the major issues which any entrepreneur, business man or any common man experiences in daily life. If we can remove corruption, then the nation’s economical progress will be exponential.

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Let us observe the anti corruption initiatives taken by governments in different metropolitans and major cities across India:


New Delhi: 011-27357169

Yesterday, Arvind Kejriwal fulfilled another promise which he had made in his political manifesto: Creation of a dedicated Anti-Corruption helpline for citizens of New Delhi. He announced this via Facebook post:



In his inaugural speech as well, Kejriwal had mentioned about this anti corruption helpline, which will enable all citizens to directly report any incident of corruption in any government department. This is certainly a very important and useful service, indeed.

Mumbai: 1800-222-021

In Mumbai, the anti-corruption helpline was launched in the year 2006; but it seems that Mumbai citizens are quite happy with the anti-corruption initiatives as this helpline receives very less calls. As per a 2009 report, this helpline received an average of just 10 calls in a month! There are other phone numbers as well for Maharashtra Anticorruption Bureau, where citizens can directly call and register their complain.

Ahmedabad: 1800-233-44444

Last year, Gujarat’s anti-corruption bureau had launched the helpline to report any corruption charges across the state. This was inaugurated by Gujarat’s Home Minister Rajnikant Patel and it’s headquarters was based in Ahmedabad.

Bangalore: 080-22251394

Karnataka has a very systematic approach to tackle corruption. They have formed the Lokayukta office, where in any citizen can register their complain and grievance against corruption and other issues. Here is the phone number and address of this anti-corruption brigade, based in Bangalore.

Hyderabad: 9440446126

Anti corruption bureau in Hyderabad is hi-tech, just like the city and the IT industry there. They use hidden cameras and spying equipments to nail the culprit and give justice to the victim. Their website explains in detail how can you complain, with step by step instructions. You can contact them here.

Chennai: 044 – 24615989

Though there is no special anti-corruption bureau in Tamil Nadi (couldn’t search in Google, if you have any information, please share here!), the Police Department have shared anti-corruption and vigilant department’s details here. Additionally, this blog also lists several details of the anti-corruption offices which can be contacted by citizens. But the link shared at the bottom is not working.

Kolkata: Not found!

Kolkata was the only metropolitan city where I couldn’t find any anti-corruption phone number. Although I was able to locate one request made by the Secretary to the Government of West Bengal for the formation of Anti-Corruption Bureau in the state.

I am not sure whether this has been created or not. If you are from Kolkata, and know about such number or address to tackle corruption, please share it across.

Anti-Corruption Bureau or ACB has been formed by the central government, after an act was passed in the parliament known as Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988. You can get more details here.

Stay vigilant, and say no to corruption!

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    mohul sir in Ahmedabad we some engineering students have started NGO group to help public.i request u to give me ur contect no. on my email id so I can join u on watssapp in our NGO.Thanx for providing these information.

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