[Updated] Is KlickPay Snapdeal’s New Payment Gateway?


[Updated 3rd Jan 2014] We have spoken to Klickpay folks and it is confirmed that Klickpay is NOT Snapdeal’s own payment gateway as some have been saying.


Couple of days back I happened to place an order for a Tablet case from Snapdeal. Interestingly, during the check-out process, I saw “Pay with Klickpay” quite prominently. The first impression that I had immediately was that it was Snapdeal’s own recently announced Payment Gateway.

KlickPay checkout

As soon as I finished the check-out, the first thing I did was to visit KlickPay’s website to find more information on the same. To my surprise, I did not find any reference of it being Snapdeal’s own payment gateway.

I even tried to see the details of their domain registration and also went through their legal terms and conditions. Absolutely no where was there a mention of either Snapdeal or their parent company Jasper Infotech.

The site also did not mention name of people behind this company. Even the Gurgaon address of Klickpay office mentioned was different from Jasper Infotech’s Delhi office address.

Kilickpay does have Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin presence – however, even on those pages, there is absolutely no mention of Snapdeal.

From what I have gathered, Klickpay seems to founded by couple of IITians with Gajinder Singh being one of the co-founder’s and CEO and Ram Singla being the CTO of the company.

Today Medianama published a post mentioning Klickpay being Snapdeal’s new payment gateway – However, from what we have found there seems to be no connection between Klickpay and Snapdeal. And if there is, I am not sure why Snapdeal or Jasper finds no mention anywhere on their site.

On the other hand, it does look quite surprising that a 5 month old company was able to get Snapdeal on board, that too having such deep integration with their platform. Maybe, there is some connection after all!

We are trying to get in touch with people behind Klickpay to find more details on this, but in the meanwhile, if anyone can put more light on this, it would be great!

The question still remains – Is Klickpay really Snapdeal’s own payment gateway?

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