Online Shopping Diwali Impact: 91% More Transactions; 80% More Google Searches!

Diwali is the time when floodgates of digital consumerism open wide in India!



Online Shopping Diwali Impact

Diwali is the time, when the floodgates of digital consumerism will open far and wide in India. Shoppers are going to spend more, compared to an average day, as the total number of online transactions will increase by whooping 91%!

These interesting stats and numbers have been churned out by SEMRush, one of the leading Search Engine Marketing companies and RazorPay, one of the leading providers of digital payment platform globally.

If we believe these numbers, then product sellers on the Internet are going to have an early Christmas, this Diwali.

Let’s explore why Diwali is indeed a big deal for online shopping in India?

Online Shopping For Diwali: Decoded

As per the research by SEMRush and Razorpay, it has been found that during and before Diwali, average number of online transactions increase by 91%.

This is almost double of what normally happens on an average day in India.

If we track the shopping trends, based on the industry, then we will find that ecommerce is the biggest influencer, as 22% of overall online shopping would be comprising of purely ecommerce sector.

However, 18% of the overall spending would be dedicated towards travel related shopping and payments, and this is indeed important for the digital entrepreneur to know. This means that Diwali holidays will inspire a lot of people to travel, and this brings along interesting opportunities in the sector.

Home items will constitute 14% of overall online shopping.

Diwali Dominates In Search Keywords As Well!

The report extracts a very interesting trend: Before and during Diwali, a lot of people are searching for Diwali related keywords on Google and this means that search traffic due to Diwali will also increase, on a massive scale.

Total of 174 million searches will happen, wherein Diwali is a keyword, and 135,000 is the keyword value.

As per SEMRush, Rs 23.62 shall be the average CPC for the main keyword ‘Diwali’.


Infographic source: SEMRush and Razorpay

If we breakdown the searches by months, then the report found that around 2.19 million searches related with Diwali will occur in the month of October, which is 80% more than what happened last year, for the same month.

The top three keywords in these searches are:

  • Diwali crackers online
  • Diwali lights online
  • Diwali gifts online

The age group between 25-34 would be the largest online spender, as they will be responsible for 55% of all online shopping; meanwhile age group 18-24 would make 25% of all shopping on the Internet.

As per the report,, Shopclues, Snapdeal, Safariindia, and Flipkart would be the largest spender on Google Adwords platform, when it comes to Diwali festive season sales.

What are you going to e-buy this Diwali? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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  1. Santanu says

    Diwali is the best time to to grab some cool deals in the year. Due to popularity of online shopping, almost every brand offers huge discounts during this time in India.

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