Wipro Launches Free Online Course FINPro: Corporate Readiness Program For Undergrads


The most pressing requirement of our contemporary education system is practical implementation of theoretical knowledge. Our teachers are teaching what is covered by the curriculum, which is often out-dated and out of sync with what the industry requires. For example, when I was doing my Masters in Information Science, the curriculum required that I learn MS DOS and COBOL programming language for one full semester, even if no one uses that anymore! Yes, basic knowledge was of course required, but a whole semester on these extinct programming languages?

Wipro has certainly realized this gap in our education as they have just announced a new Employability Enrichment Program for Commerce and Accounting students called FINPro which stands for Finance and Accounting Skills Enhancement Program. This program has been devised in e-learning format and targeted for students of Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in cities of Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Those who have graduated in Commerce streams can also apply for this program.


Being an e-course, the program is self-paced and full of video tutorials and presentations which will make the learning process easy. The student can schedule the topics based on his convenience and the final certification can be achieved in 2 months.

What This Program Will Teach?

The program has been divided in two segments:

– Basics of Finance and Accounting: Students will get advanced knowledge and exposure to the fundamentals of finance and accounting which will make them empowered with the right knowledge.

– Corporate Readiness Program: In this segment, the students will experience what exactly is required by corporate and the industry with regards to Finance and Accounting. They will come across practical and actual scenarios which will certainly help them to understand the whole process in deep.

Advantage: FINPro Certified

Those who complete this program will get an upper-hand while applying for various positions inside Wipro. As per the official announcement, the certified students will only have to face one single round of interview compared to 3 or 4 rounds which would be required for a non-certified applicant.

Additionally, Wipro has collaborated with FirstNaukri.com as well, where the content would be uploaded and ready to be accessed by the students. Additionally, FirstNaukri.com will have tie-ups with colleges and institutions, where this program would be distributed and encouraged.

If you are a commerce student and consider yourself good with numbers, analytic, goal oriented and well organized; then this program is meant for you.

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