3 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Nurture Communities


An entrepreneur is often projected as a lone tiger, struggling against all odds and making the kill to become the king of the jungle.

Unfortunately, this is false projection of being an entrepreneur. Such lone tigers can no doubt become the king of his own jungle, but he won’t do any good to the overall eco-system and would not be able to start a revolution.

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Here are the three reasons which convince us that every successful entrepreneur should nurture and grow communities:

The Secret Hiring Formula

80% of the entrepreneurs rely on external recruitment channels such as newspaper advertisements, hiring agencies and job portals. The people who are applying via such channels are complete strangers to that company, and the make-or-break decision happens within that interview.

There are 50-50 chances that the employee will meet the expectations or the company would be disappointed and the circle again starts. On the other hand, there are some smart entrepreneurs who create a community around them, and then use that community to recruit and hire.

Paypal’s co-founder Max Levchin is one such classic example, wherein he recruited most of his team members from his own community. The people you hire from your tribe are aware of the vision which you are seeing and participate to make it larger.

Starting a Revolution:

Creating a business from scratch and making it big is no less than starting a revolution: You change the rules of the game, bring in more creativity and introduce innovation. In case you are capable of doing this, then why not spread the idea and start a true widespread revolution?

India needs more entrepreneurs for our country’s growth and progress, and only entrepreneur can inspire another entrepreneur. There are very less such entrepreneurship based communities in India, which is really unfortunate.

I am part of one such vibrant community called The Rodinhoods,started by Games2Win CEO & Co-founder Alok Kejriwal. While attending its Open Houses and meeting other entrepreneurs part of this community, I realized how important such platforms are for entrepreneurs.

You can discuss your ideas, connect people with other people, remove your fears and dream really big, without thinking about the consequences.

Leadership 101

An entrepreneur is a leader by default, and his community is the leadership challenge which he must undertake to prove his mettle. A company can be run by a manager as well but a community needs a leader with a vision.

The entrepreneur, who is also a leader of his community, can understand the problem which other entrepreneurs face and can provide with solutions which are practical and effective.

If an entrepreneur wants to become a leader, then there is no point in attending expensive workshops and reading more books; he should just start a community and nurture it.

Have you started your own community yet? Or, are you part of any such community? Please share your views.

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