CyanogenMod Installer Launched On Google Play, Time To Move From Stock Android!


This BIG news for Android users…

For those unfamiliar, CyanogenMod is a different version of Android maintained by a team- CyanogenMod. Upon its initial launch it was just a developer’s way of sharing his version of Android with others. However, with time, it gained popularity and is now one of the most well-known Android OSes outside the usual UI like Samsung’s Touchwhiz, HTC’s Sense UI, Sony’s UI etc.

CyanogenMod installer

Currently, the team has converted into Cyanogen Inc. and supports over 40 devices. The biggest issue with CyanogenMod till now has been that it was very difficult to install for a newbie. Even for someone who has done it more than once, the process is a tedious one. This was a major hindrance in CyanogenMod’s adoption.

To counter the issue, they came up with two solutions-

  1. Launch a phone with CyanogenMod.
  2. Making the installation process easier.

While the first has already been implemented with a few phones with CyanogenMod along the block, they have finally started to make a move towards making the process easier in itself.

The CyanogenMod Installer can be installed directly from Google Play.

The application will work alongside a PC application (Only for Windows) and with both of them together, the phone will get the latest version of CyanogenMod without any hassles to the user. Any requirement of rooting and unlocking the bootloader will be done by the apps themselves and user can sit back and relax.

This does not mean that the pitfalls have disappeared. The warranty will still be voided as the phone is rooted. Also, the phone might still get bricked. Still, as the human intervention is a bare minimum, the process would be smoother and probability of any such thing happening should drop.

It currently supports 12 handsets with all the variants amounting to around 40 devices. If you want to know whether your phone is in the list you can check out their website here.

The thumb rule is that all the Nexus devices and the flagships of Samsung and HTC are supported. A few previous flagships might also be in the list.

If you are wondering if any of the Indian brand phones are available, they are not. Currently no Micromax, no Lava or no Karbonn on it. But, sooner rather than later they should show up, so keep a eye on that list!

Now that the process is easier than ever, the question is who should install it?

I suggest if you have crossed you warranty period and hold a device that would not be updated to the latest OS version by the company then you should consider it. If your device is on the list then it will get the latest version of OS with extra features from CyanogenMod.

People who own Samsung Galaxy SII should definitely give it a look.

One more thing of note is that the number of supported devices will increase with time. So, do check out the full list of devices. Eventually CyanogenMod would want the Cyanogen Installer to support all the devices that CyanogenMod can run on.


  • CyanogenMod Installer Play Store app
  • CyanogenMod PC Installer
  1. Bhavesh Savla says

    Excellent news. Thanks to Arun for bringing it up. Very disappointed that Sony devices are not supported but am hopeful that in future they will do it.

    1. Kunal Prakash says

      I am with you on this Bhavesh. Hopefully, they will soon bring support to all the phones that have the final version of CM launched whether it is Sony or HTC or Moto.

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