Update: Trak.in iPhone 5S Diwali Free Giveaway! #HappierDiwali [Winner Announced]


[Update: November 13th]

Trak.in iPhone 5S Diwali Free Giveaway Winner Announcement

We received fabulous response for the Diwali Giveaway that we had arranged for our  Trak.in this year and it is now time to announce our winner.

Before we name our iPhone 5S winner, we want to let all participants know that the Giveaway took into account number of points collected by each participant, along with the answers that were given to the question asked in the contest. Among the people with highest points we shortlisted 3 people with best answers, and then ultimately chose 1 winner with best answer.

And the winner is…. Nikhil Chawla

Nikhil Chawla Giveaway winner

I am sure Nikhil is on the moon right now ….Hearty Congratulations to you.. This Diwali is really a #HappierDiwali for you!


Update: The Giveaway winners will be announced by November 13th 2013. We will update the post to let you know the winners

So, do you want to have a absolutely fantastic Diwali this year? Why not have a chance to win a very coveted Gorgeous iPhone 5S?

Yes, that’s exactly what we are doing here for our Trak.in readers – We will be giving away an iPhone 5S.

iPhone 5S

Not many products have the power to create the sort of excitement and gripping interest like iPhones do. Every year, one date that everybody waits for with great anticipation is the day of iPhone release. From then begins a relentless wait to get hands on the device and perhaps save enough to get one.

If you are an Apple fan who goes through all these motions regularly and cannot wait to get your hands on the cold metal of a brand new iPhone 5s then November 1st is the date you have already marked in the Calendar as the date when the new iPhone comes to India.

To help make this festive season special and brighter than ever before, we are giving you a chance to make it not just a Happy but, a #HappierDiwali. All you have to do is simply enter in your thoughts in the form of answers and stand a unique opportunity to win the device that is high on everybody’s wish list.

So, go ahead and make this a #HappierDiwali for yourself or for the one you love by winning the perfect device that an iPhone 5s is.

[Note: You will need to make sure that you view the form below on the website. It may not be visible, if you are seeing it in newsletter or mobile. Click on the title to visit this page]

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Arun Prabhudesai says

    For all the participants… Please check the update… the winner for this giveaway has been announced!

  2. Amit Kumar says

    Waiting for the Winner Announcement.

  3. Arun Prabhudesai says

    Incase you are wondering about the winners, you will need to wait till November 13th. The winners will be announced by that date!

  4. Amit Kumar says

    When are u announcing the winner

  5. Daise Concessao says

    I have never received a diwali gift. Guess an i phone 5s win, can make up for all that has been missed

  6. Gurpreet Singh says

    I’m biggest fan of iPhone. It is my biggest dream in my entire life. Hope Owner Understands my feeling. God bless you and wishes you very very #Happy_Diwali.

  7. Harvey Starie says

    the best diwali gift ive ever had is moving away from the people who dont like me

  8. karan singh kuwarbi says

    I, along with my friends, spent my last diwali organisig a charity/donation camp for the slum children in delhi.
    The joy and happiness i saw on the face of those children, playing with toys and sporting new clothes, and the feeling of self worthiness was a moment to cherish .Undoubtedly, the best diwali gift i had ever recieved.

    First of all , thanks a lot @trak.in for giving us such a great opportunity to win an #iphone5s .

    No doubt, in addition to a safe health and a happy environment, winning an #iphone5s as a giveaway from @Trak.in would definately make my diwali a much #happierdiwali .

    A very happy diwali to each and everyone . May every diwali be a #happierdiwali .

  9. Ajay K Meher says

    The first ever Diwali gift I received was a gold coin. And this year I want to receive an iPhone 5S ;)

  10. Shivam Nayyar says

    Dad gifted me a new laptop on previous diwali, that is my best diwali gift.. and I hope if I win this contest and win a iPhone 5s.. I’ll be a #HappierDiwali for me.. :)


    My ideal gift to my family will be to be together at the feet of SHRI SAI BABA and seek blessing for all

  12. sujeet tyagi says

    THis year am gonna celebrate this diwali with my whole family this my diwali gift & this diwali will be #happierdiwali if i get a new iphone :)

  13. Sampath says

    I received a Mp3 player . Till now that was the special gift for me.

  14. Rupak says

    My best Diwali gift was my micromax canvas 2 cellphone . Ill be happy to get iphone this diwali

  15. Ankur Dubey says

    thanks for this awesome giveaway and hope i win and then my diwali becomes #happierdiwali :)

  16. vinay patil says

    The best Diwlai gift will be 52″ 3D LED TV :)

  17. vinay patil says

    hope to win :)

  18. D. Parab says

    The best Diwali gift i ever received was my first Small watch when i was 7, i remember i I’ve been going to a Watch outlet, and always stared that watch there, I never said but I wanted that watch. and that Diwali I got a Surprise!! I still have that watch, Thank you Dad that was too special :)

  19. Kavyesh says

    I wish 2 give a best gift on every diwali , that make a wide , zoom smile on face of poor & orphan children / people . That is best #happierdiwali Giveaway , the joy of giving.

  20. Anand Yadav says

    my best diwali gift is bike, this time i like to have iphone 5s

  21. Vasanth says

    Happy Diwali Trak.in!

  22. yogesh says

    hi there,
    it would be really great to have an iphone 5s in my hand as being a part of #happierdiwali.
    a very #happierdiwali to you too!!!

  23. Trupti says

    Biggest excitement this Diwali :D ….. I am entering this contest hoping to win an Iphone 5s and make it a #HappierDiwali for my better half ..fingers crossed!

  24. kai says

    wow ! I would gift my family candles and crackers to remind once again that, its the celebration of light and blessing them tat their souls be enlightened…wish for iPhone 5s…# happy diwali .

  25. Ashish Bhojwani says

    Got a remote control car when i was kid.still drive it..now i could receive nothin better than iphone 5s !

  26. Sumit says

    My best diwali gift was a mobile phone, my dad gifted me when I was in class 12. I am still using that phone. The phone is basic one so this year I would really like receive a brand new iPhone 5. #HappierDiwali

  27. Jatin Chauhan says

    Wowwwwwww dis gonna be really be amazing nd real gift dis diwali:)

  28. Simran says

    this is an amazing chance for people to win their dream phone. been dreaming of having an iPhone since 4 years. #iPhone5S #HappierDiwali

  29. Sagar Sanjeev says

    The Best Gift I Got Was My Camera And Hoping To Win This Iphone 5S

  30. Sanjay chhetr says

    Its an awsome giveaway..and i love to have an Apple Iphone 5s because i never had any one of iphone series and i want to celebrate this diwali not an ordinary one but i want to make it special…. THANK YOU

  31. Sanket Patil says

    This is an awesome giveaway. I wish i could win this.

  32. Owais Shikah says

    Best Diwali gift was iphone 2 :) using it since then.. no other phone suits apple fan #HappierDiwali

  33. Owais Shikah says

    Best Diwali goft was iphone 2 :) using it since then.. no other phone suits apple fan #HappierDiwali

  34. shan says

    The best diwali gift i have recieved was an Apple’s Ipod 120 GB…..and ever since using an Apple’s product has been such a wonderful experience. And again I hope that trak.in will give me the opportunity to own the most awaited Iphone of the year.. Iphone 5s! Happy Diwali!

  35. Rajandran R says

    Just Yesterday i recieved my best diwali gift from one of my client(Affluence) and the best ever will be this iphone5 as a gift.

  36. Ankit Srivastava says

    The best Diwali gift i have received till now was a part down-payment by my dad for buying my first car, a 2nd hand Santro. I has helped me satisfy my wanderlust, and given me many great memories

  37. dilip yadav says

    `giveaway cant be better then this anymore. the most and the best desiring and catching giveaway.
    its hard to win but can still try to win it.
    wish me luck.

  38. Vinayak says

    The Best gift i have got for diwali is my Confirmation letter in office.
    i wish to recieve the Apple phone this time :P

  39. Adity says

    Superb giveaway! Diwali couldn’t get any better :D

  40. Hemant Kumar says

    In the month of August I was about to buy my first iPhone i.e IPhone 4S. Later I found Apple is going to release IPhone 5S in the month of November and I changed my mind and bought an iPad. Now I am all st to buy iPhone 5s in the month of Jan. 2014 from my savings.

    Let me see if I can save my savings this time by winning an iPhone or not. If not, still its gonna be an investment for me.

    Cheers to Apple.

  41. guri says

    I No Perfect gift from my relatives but my mom and Dad always gift me something special on Diwali.

  42. Sourav Ghosh says

    #happierdiwali I generally don’t get any personal gift in diwali because I usually have my birthday celebration just somedays after diwali. my b’day is 11.11 and as being a Bengali, I also get a lot gifts in durga puja. So, another diwali gift would be beautiful. cheers!

  43. Amit says

    Best gift i received on diwali was Android smartphone. I would love to get iPhone 5s or LG G2 this Diwali #HappierDiwali

  44. Monu says

    iPhone 5s, great phone for the great occasion.

  45. Srinivas Savarapu says

    I like this site, it suits for all ages and the topics cover a whole range. Happy Diwali.

  46. Amit Kumar says

    I would love to receive any smartphone this Diwali #HappierDiwali

  47. Reuben says

    Happy Diwali to all Indians all around the world. Special Diwali greetings should go to Arun Prabhudesai and the entire Trak.in team. You are awesome. Your bisiness updates are the best I have ever seen in India. Thanks for serving the community with great news! Winning this Diwali offer of Iphone 5s would be the greatest miracle in my life. I am praying and believing God for it!

  48. Gagan Masoun says

    My parents love and happiness is a best gift for me.

  49. Jithin says

    A box full of Standard crackers was always the best gift on Diwali, hope to get a bigger box this year to make #happierdiwali

  50. Indresh says

    THis is a perfect way to kick of diwali.. Getting an Iphone and india winning the series against Australia would be the best wat to have diwali.. :)

  51. Kathiresh says

    Superb contest.

  52. Arun Vyas says

    Thanks for the Give Away. #happierdiwali

  53. Hemang says

    Trying my luck, lets see how lucky i am

  54. Siddharth Vyas says

    Thanks for the Give Away. #happierdiwali

  55. Siddharth Vyas says

    One of the best Diwali gift I received was HP Proobok 4430s Laptop and 2 HP Printers last year and that too I received from trak.in.. :-)

  56. Kelly Glover says

    I need to win the iphone 5s. I’m poor and my phone is going out and nred a way to keep in touch with my pregnant daughter whom just moved and having complications. And Ill just die if I can’t start video calling her to see she’s okay.

  57. Jebin says

    I would like to get iphone 5s on this diwali

  58. Shubhanshu says

    Best Diwali Gift I’ve Ever Received Was A Car About Years Ago.
    I’m Not Selfish But Obviously I’d Love To Get iPhone As My Diwali Gift As I Recently Broke My Cellphone. Truely I Would Really Love To Get My Family, Togetherness And Prosperity As Gift To Make It A #HappierDiwali.

  59. Saurabh Mukhekar says

    I hope my GF will not ask me to gift this iPhone :)

  60. Ankur Upadhyay says

    Wish all readers of track.in a very Happy Diwali. Thanks for this awesome giveaway.

  61. Imran Soudagar says

    I guess iPhone 5 is not yet launched in India, but still it will be a great give away!

  62. Chiranjeev says

    One of the best Diwali Gift I have received was my first Smart phone. I would love to receive the above iPhone 5s this year to make it a #happierdiwali.

  63. S K Prasad says

    The best diwali gift I received was my wife accepting my proposal.

  64. ksavai says

    I am the winner….

  65. Satish says

    Damn! FingersCrossed!

  66. Meet says

    Thanks for the giveaway

  67. Sagar Gholap says

    Would be so awesome win an iPhone 5s.

  68. Mohib Sheth says

    Thanks for the giveaway. Wish you a very happy diwali as well.

  69. Varun says

    iPhone 5S on a Giveaway on Trak.in! Ahhhh If I Win it’s like a dream come true for me :P :D anyway thanks for this awesome and ‘Expensive’ giveaway :D

  70. Suresh Kumar says

    This is epic gadget for every social media user :) This would be pretty awesome giveaway for diwali.

  71. Jay Thadeshwar says

    I am a die hard iPhone fan, I’ve used all iPhones in sequence right from iPhone 2007. Hope I get my 5th iPhone from Trak.in

  72. Akash says

    The best Diwali gift I’ve ever received is a box of Ferrero Rochers… And this Diwali, it would be a #HappierDiwali if I get lucky enough to win this iPhone 5S.

    Thank you Trakin and Arun for this wonderful chance. God bless you all :)

  73. Deepak Singh says

    Wish to Win this beautiful Master piece, Fingers Crossed.

  74. Shachin says

    The best gift I have received was an iPhone 4s, time now for an upgrade ;)

  75. dhruv says

    i would lovee to win !! pls god made me win

  76. Mahendra Yadav says

    The best diwali gift i received was by fellow school friends who chipped in the money for which they were suppose to buy firecrackers and instead we organised and Pooja and dinner with a group of street kids. #happierdiwali If i win this contest, i’ll donate the same amount to a local charity which actually works.

  77. Trilok says

    Amazing gift by Trak.
    Everyday i check the posts of Trak in Google+.

    Thanks a lot to Arun & his fellow members!

    Happy Diwali.

  78. Sanket says

    Awesome Giveaway and this would be a perfect diwali gift for the person who wins which will make the persons diwali a Happier Diwali :)
    Sanket Rathod

  79. Vishwesh says

    The best gift I have ever received was my Alienware :)
    Now I am looking forward for iPhone 5S.

  80. Abhash says

    Wow!! Brilliant strategy :) And who wouldn’t love an iPhone 5S?? :D

  81. Kulwant says

    I never knew that I will get my first iPhone from Trak.in Giveaway. ;)

    Hoping for the best. :)

  82. Suraj jain says

    Still remember when my dad (beloved) got me a pack of bombs for me … i felt like i had the power to destroy the world .. ha ha h

    Anyways.. this diwali will b #happierdiwali if i get chance to win iphone 5s

  83. Rahul Patel says

    This sounds fun, i have never been an apple phone before because of its high rates ( :P ) but a free device might just help me test it ;)

  84. Manan Shah says

    This is moolah!

  85. Manan Shah says

    This is neat!

    1. Mukund says

      Happy Diwali to all indians and cricket fans.

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